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During his deployment to Iraq, former Army Spc. Alex Horton's unit cleared Baquba of al Qaida in Iraq, which had taken over the city and declared it their capital. The Iraqis were supposed to pick up the ball afterward. Now, he feels all the time and money spent training and equipping the Iraqis was a waste.

"I lost countless friends; I've seen quite a Michael Kors Handbags Baby Blue

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Former Marine Maj. Lamar Breshears felt the Iraqis were Michael Kors Backpack Suede appreciative for being granted freedom from Saddam Hussein, but they were not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to live free on their own.

Men flash victory signs as they leave a recruiting center to join the Iraqi army in Baghdad. Young Shiite men are joining the army to battle a Sunni militant force advancing from the north.

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Sgt. troops died.

"I completely disagreed with the decision to walk away from Iraq," said former Army Sgt. Kenneth Mancanares, who served in both Ramadi and Baghdad. "Now, to be honest, I'm trying to think if there's even a way I could get back out there. I'm sure there are a lot of guys feeling that way. I really wish that I could sign up on something tomorrow and join a volunteer group that's going there Michael Kors Jet Set Black Chain Shoulder Tote

Army Sgt. Maj. Rob Bowman served in Mosul and died of cancer in early 2013 after returning home. His wife, Coleen Bowman, said he would be among those angry and frustrated about the new insurgency in Iraq.(Photo: Military Times)

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stand up for these people."

"In terms of core ideological goals, there is a lot of similarity rather than difference, but in the world of jihadism, similar goals don't necessarily mean that organizations will work harmoniously," he said.

bit of bad stuff over there," he said. "It's not about my personal feelings, about, 'Did I waste my time,' or 'did my buddies die in vain.' I have met those people over there and I became friends with them and I recognize their humanity. That's one of the things that is lost here . troops, said Daveed Gartenstein Ross, a fellow at the Foundation of Defense for Democracies. While ISIL shares al Qaida's ideology and brutality, it was formally expelled from al Qaida in February over disagreements on tactics and leadership.

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Mancanares spent more than two years in Iraq, first in Ramadi and then in Baghdad.

"This is something that . we all kind of thought would happen eventually," Breshears said. "So it doesn't come as a surprise. It is painful to watch knowing how much effort and time and money we put into that lives, blood sweat and tears."

ISIL controls a significant part of both Iraq and Syria. In the past week, it has captured Iraq's largest oil field and has come within striking distance of Baghdad.

Steven Jerome, a former Army sergeant who served in Tikrit, is especially disappointed with events in Iraq because he remembers the euphoria Iraqis felt during the 2005 referendum on the country's constitution.

´╗┐Fresh overrun of Iraq rankles American veterans

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