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Michael Kors Brown Handbag

Michael Kors Brown Handbag

NASHUA The family of the Rev. Peggy Smith watched their matriarch live a life of extreme generosity and passion. They saw her as an admired leader and founder of the Tolles Street Mission, and a friend to everyone. And after losing Smith on Dec. 29, 2007, the family is witnessing cancer target yet another one of its members.

Cedrick Dabney Jr., Smith's grandson, was diagnosed Feb. 26 with a rare stage four kidney cancer, spindle cell neoplasm sarcinoma, that has Michael Kors Hamilton Studded Tote Bag

"It has given me a different outlook on life," said Tony Smith, who is Cedrick III's godfather. "I have patched up some relationships that I should of patched up a long time ago."

His cancer has Dabney's two sons Cedrick III, 6, and Andre, 4, asking many questions about his illness, and his wife, Karen, simply asking why it had to strike him.

Tony Smith, who has been Cedrick Dabney Jr.'s best friend since he was 13, has visited him almost every weekend. He's kept conversation light, but said he said he tries to treat him as if he was not sick. They talk about sports, music and things they've always talked about.

spread rapidly to his spine, bones and brain.

In February, the couple were building bunk beds for their two children, Karen Dabney said her husband began suffering from severe back pains that sent him to the hospital. While he was there he had a lump on his chest checked out.

Kimberly said the hardest part is seeing how difficult the illness has been on her son and Dabney Jr.'s sons. She said they are constantly asking questions.

be with us, it is just going to be in a different form," she said.

Dabney's mother, Michelle, who is Smith's daughter, is going through what her daughter described as "round two." She calls her eldest son her "heartbeat."

"I want to see more things, it has been really emotional," he said.

Michael Kors Brown Handbag

"His words are jibber jabber, you can tell that he is confused when he is talking to you," Kimberly Dabney said. "They have him on what they call comfort measures."

for man fighting cancer

Michael Kors Brown Handbag

Michelle Dabney said emphatically that she has never heard her son whine or complain about his illness. Even now, when he sleeps more than 18 hours a day, cannot move his legs, hasn't eaten more than a couple bites of food in weeks and can barely hold a bottle of water, his spirit remains strong, his mother said.

Karen Dabney said doctors told him that he had three months to live without treatment. With treatment, he could maybe get to nine months or even a year. Since his form of cancer is so rare, doctors at Dana Farber Cancer Institute wanted to try experimental procedures on him.

"Dana Farber had never seen it in anyone so young like this, he gave them permission to do tests on him. He told the doctors he knew he was going to die from this so he wanted to help doctors and patients," Karen Dabney Michael Kors Brown Handbag said. "I think we all have accepted God is taking him, the question we are all asking is why?"

"He shoveled for me in the wintertime and has told me he loves me every day since he was 2 years old," Michelle Dabney said. "I was supposed to grow old and Cedrick was supposed to make me an in law place next door."

"He said, 'Out of everybody we know, Karen, I am glad it happened to me. It is happening to me for a reason, there is a lesson everybody is supposed to learn from this,'" Karen Dabney said.

Michael Kors Brown Handbag

Michael Kors Brown Handbag

Cedrick Dabney Jr. has been the father figure for his sister Kimberly's son, Elijah, 3. Kimberly Dabney has always seen her big brother overcome and persevere and now she is praying for a miracle. She and her mother are both LNAs and now they are both trying to just keep him happy. She said every day is different.

The fundraiser is free to all, and they are expecting around 200 people. They have set up raffles and there will be food, drinks, music and the Rev. David Smith, Dabney's uncle, will speak. Donations are appreciated.

Michael Kors Brown Handbag

´╗┐Fundraiser set Michael Kors Rhea Pink

"I turn 50 this month, and there is not going to be anything to celebrate," Michelle Dabney said. "My son is in the dying process, every day is precious to me with my son."

Dabney's sister, Kimberly, said she scheduled it late because her brother, 27, typically does better in the night. Though it doesn't look like he will be able to make it, the family remains optimistic.

Michael Kors Brown Handbag

Michael Kors Brown Handbag

"I know he will always Michael Kors Bags Light Brown

Michael Kors Brown Handbag

"We are very close," she said.

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Michael Kors Brown Handbag

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