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Michael Kors Black Purse

Michael Kors Black Purse

Michael Kors Black Purse

Michael Kors Black Purse

If you get something and it works, get it again. I always buy my vegan brother a pair of Vans slip ons. I know he likes them and wears them out, so every Christmas and birthday, he gets a pair.

Michael Kors Black Purse

Buying gifts for vegetarian or vegan friends and loved ones can be quite a chore. You may forget what comes from animals, but you'll be reminded the second the gift is opened.

Vegetarian/vegan clothing is not too difficult to buy. Shoes are another story. Shoes can have leather/suede hidden everywhere. One trick about buying vegetarian shoes: Go to discount stores such as Wal Mart, Target and Payless. To cut costs, they rarely use leather. Look for shoes marked ''All Man Made Materials.''

Give unwanted clothing to friends or donate it to charity. Michael Kors Black Purse It gives your cast offs a second life. Goodwill and the Salvation Army are great; I donate my clothing to local charity thrift stores including Noah Sales Again, which benefits the Noah Project; Thrift House on Walnut Street; and St. Vincent De Paul, also on Walnut Street. You might find something for yourself while you are at it!

Did you know it takes one pound of cotton fiber to make a T shirt? Each T shirt made from 100 percent organic cotton saves one third of a pound of synthetic Michael Kors Tote Handbag

´╗┐Friendly Fashion

Michael Kors Black Purse

Michael Kors Black Purse

Cassy's Collections on Ruby Street behind China Star has an eclectic mix of tank tops, hippie skirts and scarves, not to mention crystals, stones and incense. I like to mix a hippie style shirt with trousers and a wide belt, creating a high fashion silhouette. I also enjoy their jewelry. Many of the items in the store are handcrafted or hand dyed. One brand of clothing it carries is hand batik dyed in Bali.

Michael Kors Black Purse

One of the easiest ways to shop ethically is to shop discerningly. This is difficult for many avid shoppers, but it is common sense don't buy clothes that don't or won't work for you in the long run. Buy things Michael Kors Xl Wallet

suede and leather. New Balance is available practically everywhere that sells athletic shoes.

If shopping for a vegan or vegetarian flabbergasts you, buy a gift certificate. But if you want to try, check the fabric labels. Avoid wool, cashmere, silk, lambs wool, angora, down, leather, suede, mohair, felt and anything with feathers. Look for all types of cotton including denim, corduroy, sateen, jersey and linen; or hemp, rayon, nylon, acrylic and polyester.

I was happily surprised at the selections at Sam's Club. You need to have a membership to shop there, but it doesn't cost much (or you can ask a friend with a membership to take you). I found organic linen safari style belted dress shirts, and organic cotton workout capris by Champions. They also carry brands like Esprit, Jones New York and Bally Fitness wear.

you know you will wear and take care of. Your clothes will last longer and create less waste.

New Balance Shoes has been around for years and many of its styles are vegetarian they don't use Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet

fertilizers and farm chemicals. Check the label: If it is organic, it will be labeled as such.

John Hardy Jewelry, available at Busch Jewelers, has a pretty interesting story. It is all handcrafted in Bali. John Hardy himself created an amazing work environment where they organically grow all of the food they eat, plant bamboo in which to build the workshops, and the employees are treated extremely well. Yes, John Hardy is a luxury item with a luxury price but the number of people it helps makes up for it. Plus, his jewelry is incredibly intricate and beautiful, with just the right amount of bohemian edge.

Michael Kors Black Purse

Michael Kors Black Purse

Michael Kors Black Purse

Michael Kors Black Purse

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