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Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

´╗┐Ganon's Castle Walkthrough 6 Spirit Room Legend of Zelda

This room is cut in half by a cage. The door is barred again and there are two Torch Slugs. Kill the slugs off and face into the other part of the room through the bars of the cage. Stand near the door Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray and charge up your sword into a spin attack. Spin and hit the nearest switch. A chest containing bombchu will fall. Grab them and Michael Kors Handbags Myer

stationary. Move the armos statues out of the way of all those sharp top things so it easier to collect the silver rupees. There is one underneath the Bemos and one in three of the corners. There is also a bull eye above where the Bemos stood. Hook shot there and fall to collect the last rupee. Once that is complete the door will open for you! Proceed to the next room.

Step one: Ah, the Final Room! Head from the light room to the right and go up the stairs. Enter the final door that has the orange spirit medallion symbol above it.

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

Created by Michael Kors Hamilton Striped Canvas Tote

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

Created by YinxXxYang on Thursday, November 20, 2008time, link, zelda, legend, ocarina

Loo up with the upper C button, there is an opening in the bars. You must align yourself with the hole and the switch at the far end of the room for this to work, luckily this is not difficult. Once you think your good and centered, let a bombchu fly. If it works the door will open, if not, re align yourself and try again. This may take a few tries, but you get it.

Gannon Castle: Spirit Room

WOOT! the LAST ROOM! anyway, enjoy. if you want me to make you another walkthrough for a temple or the locations of poe's or special items, feel free. Disclaimer, i do NOT own the legend of zelda!

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

This is the end room of the final medallion room! Shoot the orb with a light arrow and get teleported back to the Entrance room. Now, when your there a scene will play and the barrier will disappear! Congratulations! You can no ascend Gannon Tower!

Ganon's Castle Walkthrough 6 (Spirit Room) Legend of Zelda, ocarina of Time

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray


Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

The room is full of enemies! But don worry, they are mostly Mk Bags England

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

Once in the other half of the room, follow the corridor to another octagonal shaped room. There are sun masks on the wall. Look up, there is a spider web on the ceiling. Hit it with a fire arrow and light will flood the room. Stand in the light and aim your shield for the sun mask on your far right, nearest to the open corridor you just came through. If you get it wrong, a wall master will appear. If that happens, run around until it drops then dispatch it with two sword swings. Once the right sun mask is lit up, the door will open, go through this now unlocked door!

go to the nearest wall.

Michael Kors Crossbody Pearl Gray

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