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"You give them back higher value for their property and they are able to graze more on it or plant more, and, in turn, we remove an unwanted species," Robins said. Fisher Lake area at San Angelo State Park, which started in early March as Phase I, and putting it through a grinder. The ground mesquite comes out with a fine texture and is then loaded into trailers and transported to a pilot plant in Tulsa, Okla.

With the larger San Angelo project on track, CEO John Robins said most of the company's harvested mesquite will come from private landowners. About 300,000 acres has been cleared so far in San Angelo and surrounding counties.

The project, which Michael Kors Handbags White

In 2007, the company was working with the city of Hamlin, to locate its first mesquite fueled power plant near the city's industrial park. The project was to have cost around $10 million and would have created about 15 jobs.

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"This is not a chicken egg thing, it is definitely an egg chicken thing with the egg being that the community has to want a local plant and ranchers and farmers have to want to get rid of mesquite," Robins said. "If we, as a company, can't get people to do that, then we wouldn't want to interpose on a community that didn't want to do that."

"It combines a lot of different programs into an overall crop check," he said. "And that has a lot Michael Kors Outlet Vs Retail Store

Hamlin purchases about 250 million gallons a year from Anson, whose water supply comes from Abilene. Hamlin residents use about half that amount each year.

would be located north of Abilene in Jones County, already has the required permits to construct the plant. The company already has bought the components for the three megawatt plant for about $5.6 million. Parsons is hopeful Michael Kors Wallet Singapore

"Hamlin simply cannot handle the water requirements at this time," said Curt Parsons, interim director of the Hamlin Economic Development Corporation.

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the company will eventually get the smaller plant constructed and use it for a research and development site.

State Rep. Drew Darby, R San Angelo, said the project is wonderful and he stands behind it.

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Phase III of the San Angelo project should start toward the end of summer. It involves contacting landowners about leases and beginning a permit process. The purpose of Phase III is to gauge the community's response and answer any questions residents might have.

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The pilot plant, one tenth the size of the proposed plant in Tom Green County, will run a series of tests after a week of operation that will check for the mesquite's energy content, power plant emissions and determine the composition of the resulting ash.

Meanwhile, the company is in Phase II of a project to build a $50 million plant in the San Angelo area. The San Angelo plant would generate electricity for local use for at least 20 years, with harvested mesquite as the fuel source.

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"We are still hopeful this can happen in the not too distant future," Parsons said.

Company officials said Michael Kors Selma Tan an R site is still a possibility in Hamlin.

of merit on different levels. It will help provide rainfall runoff into lakes, protect wildlife, and the fuel itself will be used to generate electricity."

´╗┐fueled power plant on hold in Hamlin

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Michael Kors Selma Tan

Michael Kors Selma Tan

Michael Kors Selma Tan

If completed, the Hamlin plant could produce electricity that will be added to the state's power grid and steam that can be transported by pipeline up to one mile for local industry. The company, which has an office in Baird, is continuing to clear mesquite for landowners in Taylor and surrounding counties.

Michael Kors Selma Tan

"We have not forgotten Hamlin," said Jack Lauderbach, chief operating officer of Mesquite Fuels Agriculture. "We would still like to get a plant running there."

Michael Kors Selma Tan

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