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The report tracked six years of data that found any fall in circulation was drastically exceeded by the fall in revenue.

"Part of what this report is asking clients and media agencies to do is to really look at where they're getting their results from, and really see if print is producing any less of a result than it used to," Mr Allen said.

´╗┐Fusion backs print to rebound

"It doesn't matter what form the response comes in; our clients haven't see an fall off in the efficacy of print anywhere through this crisis of confidence."

Mr Allen says clients and buyers will Michael Kors Handbags Monogram

Michael Kors Purses Canada

Michael Kors Purses Canada

Advertisers and media agencies are abandoning print too quickly and this is a mistake, says Fusion Strategy managing director Steve Allen.

Michael Kors Purses Canada

Michael Kors Purses Canada

soon see print is still an effective medium, and the market will correct itself.

Michael Kors Purses Canada

Michael Kors Purses Canada

"We hope this will cause clients, as much as media agencies, to start questioning where they're putting their dollars," Mr Allen said. "And to start to stem the automatic default position of 'oh, we'll put it in digital'."

Demographics rather than raw circulation numbers was once the measuring stick. Print to a degree has dumbed down content in a flawed strategy to maintain relevance Michael Kors Handbags Blue

Michael Kors Purses Canada

and hold circulation. Smarter newspapers attract smarter readers and smarter readers should attract smarter advertisers. Newspapers that identify, explain and campaign will find the relevance they can achieve with headlines searching for stories. Unfortunately news rooms across the country have to a large extent disposed of journalists capable of delivering that strategy.

Michael Kors Purses Canada

He said he hoped his report would lead agencies and clients to start to think about where they invest their Michael Kors Lilac Wallet


These points are reinforced in a Fusion report released last week which details a fundamental disconnect between print performance and the revenue the medium is being awarded.

Michael Kors Purses Canada

Mr Allen said agencies and advertisers were being seduced by digital media channels without full analysis of the medium.

Michael Kors Purses Canada

The result was "alarming", Mr Allen said, finding revenue was actually running Michael Kors Purses Canada at two to three times the fall of readership or circulation.

Michael Kors Purses Canada

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