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would contract with job training programs to teach skills related to biofuels, solar energy and fuel cell mechanics.

Meanwhile, the National Resources Defense Council and Environmental Entrepreneurs forecast that venture capital investment in California clean technology companies through 2010 could seed 52,000 to 114,000 jobs in the sector.

SolarCity Corp. in Foster City is advertising lots of jobs, including solar panel installers and a project manager, financial analyst.

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Science Applications International Corp. in Oakland is looking for scientists to work on sustainable recycling programs.

"Solar installation is a very rapidly growing industry, and it's an industry that by definition has to have local people," Sears continued. Congress will consider a bill next week that would mirror the Oakland jobs training program on a national scale. And California Lt. Gov. John Garamendi last week outlined an eco sustainable business investment plan for California in his role as chair of the California Commission for Economic Development.

venture capitalists invested $1.5 billion in clean tech investments, a record, the association said.

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SO, YOU'VE CHANGED the light bulbs in Michael Kors Navy your house to compact fluorescents, tuned up your bicycle to commute with and convinced your spouse that the next car should be a hybrid.

New Leaf Paper of San Francisco is looking for customer service representatives to sell its environmentally sensitive paper products.

1,000 people in its Project Big Green to advise computer using companies on how to cut energy usage.

"Venture capital investment in green business is off the charts right now," Kim said. venture capitalists in the first quarter of this year. That was a 41 percent increase just from the prior three months. Michael Kors Jet Set Rose Gold

IBM Corp. employs about

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Global Footprint Network in Oakland is looking for a director of technical programs. The Green Chamber of the Bay Area is looking for a "co director" to build up its membership.

Most importantly, green companies from solar panel installers to nonprofits to utilities are offering environmentally friendly jobs.

JOBSIBusiness 3Green Jobs Corps hopes to provide and which GRID Alternatives provides to volunteers. Under the plan, the Oakland Green Jobs Corps Michael Kors Selma Studded Medium Navy

´╗┐friendly companies growing jobs

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Michael Kors Navy

programs and job opportunities.

But all this is not enough, you think.

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Even the California Public Utilities Commission is offering "green" jobs, posting want ads for utilities engineers to develop recommendations for energy and water conservation regulations.

"Now is a better time to look for a green job than any time I can remember," said Tim Sears, co founder of GRID Alternatives, a San Francisco startup that helps provide solar installations in urban low income areas and which will take part in the Oakland Green Jobs Corps initiative. Like most new fields, solar installation requires special training, which the Oakland

San Jose based SunPower Corp., which in January acquired PowerLight Corp. in Berkeley, and Akeena Solar Inc. of Los Gatos also are looking for installers.

Pacific Gas Electric Co. announced this week that Solel Solar Systems Ltd. will build a massive solar park in the Mojave Desert from which it will buy power. The Mojave Solar Park will be the world's largest solar installation.

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"It was not too hard to predict a few years ago that this green tech boom was coming. We are now seeing the early part of the big wave" in this boom, said Ian Kim, coordinator of the emerging Oakland Green Jobs Corps initiative, a city funded program to build a job training program for low income youth in Oakland.

Want ads on green job boards are bursting. Meanwhile, the city of Oakland, the state of California and the nation are all gearing up to invest in green job training Michael Kors Navy Wallet

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