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informed of the option by centre staff.

In its literature, the council says the leisure card saves about 15 per cent on leisure centre charges, so many people haven't signed up, thinking it isn't worth their while.

"There's not much Michael Kors Large Tote Bag Uk

Prices of court hire, gym use and other sports have also soared and people will need to buy a leisure card to bring the cost down to around its previous level.

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In reality, the leisure card means users, including children, pay 1.50 less each time they swim a saving closer toa quarter of the full price.

"They are supposed to be encouraging children to live active lifestyles but people won't be able to afford to go at those prices.

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"They were just taking the money I didn't know I'd have to get one of these leisure cards.

"The cards offer large discounts on services at our leisure centres in the south and east of the county, and I would encourage people to contact their local centre to find out more."

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enough staff.

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"It's outrageous," said keen swimmer Sophie Dalboozi, who was stunned at the cost of taking her six year old daughter Mya swimming on Friday.

else for children to do in Salisbury that is affordable. If the council can't offer a good, value for money service they should sell it off to a private company that knows what

it's doing."

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Fellow swimmer Nikki Macey said: "I was astonished to find out the price for a child has nearly doubled. Mk Bags Black And White

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´╗┐Fury at hike in swimming charges From Salisbury Journal

However, the council admits it has failed to market the scheme properly and hundreds of people paid the new prices to use the pool this week, unaware they could be saving money and without being

How on earth can Wiltshire Council justify so much of an increase, especially as the pool is

nothing special? Other towns provide great leisure complexes Michael Kors Orange Bag with ice skating, bowling, soft play areas, swimming pools with decent flumes and the entrance fee still manages to be cheaper than ourRobin Townsend, head of leisure services at Wiltshire Council, said: "We would like to apologise for any confusion caused by the introduction of our new leisure card.

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"I don't know how they can justify charging 11 for one anyway. The pool is very poor, often the flume is shut because there's not Michael Kors Bags Shoulder

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