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Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Dark Dune

The settlers largely established an agricultural andcattle industry, providing a raremeat supply to the Cariboo gold miners. By 1885, a Settler's Guide had been put in place in British Columbia, whereby any person being the head of a family, a widow, or a single man over the age of 18, and being a British Subject could recorda pre emption claim on unoccupied and unreserved Crown landsnot to exceed 160 acres.This could be purchased after a certain time frame, for $1 per acre.

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Although this trail was abandoned in 1848, in favour of transport on the Fraser River, vestiges can still be seen today especially near Lake OkanaganResort.

´╗┐Fur trail to wine country

years and to visualize where we have come from to better visualize where we are going.

Now land developers came in, and between 1905 and 1912, they encouraged people from Great Britain and Eastern Canada to buy up the pre emptionlands, which were divided into smaller areas. This led to the planting of the orchards and the foundation of our tree fruit industry.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Dark Dune

The 1973 census showed a total population in Kelowna of 45,117. Now, predictions for the year 2030 show a population growth to 161,700 within the Kelowna boundaries.

Roads between these ranches were less thangood, and so all our transport was by boat on Okanagan Lake. This led to the day of the paddle wheel steamers for transport of both goods and people. There were 32 steamerlandings around Okanagan lake. That is why Bernard Lequime in 1892laid outthe townsite of Kelowna where it is today, with access to the lake. With a population of 200, Kelowna became a city on this site in 1905.

industry, as our weather encourages both.

Soft fruit was planted to the south in milder temperatures, while apples, pears and cherries were more predominant in the northern regions. This industry was all important until after the Second Michael Kors Outlet Uk

The year 1859 saw Father Pandosy and the Oblate Brothers come to the Okanagan. They were the first white settlers. After a disastrous winter at Wood Lake, they moved further south to establish their mission on the banks of what became known as Mission Creek. Three of their original log structures can still be seen today at the Father Pandosy Mission on Benvoulin Road. This is a historical site looked after by the Okanagan Historical Society, and open to the public with guides Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Dark Dune available from spring until Thanksgiving.

Perhaps it would not be amiss for us to give thought to a new vision that protects the quality of life we enjoy in the Central Okanagan.

In 2011, we looked back at the preceding 200 years, and marvelled at what had gone before, perhaps wondering where the next years would take us. It would seem wise to look over those Michael Kors Iphone Case 6

Two hundred to three hundred pack horse brigadescame down this trail, carrying 60 pound bales of furs and taking back provisions for the North.

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Hereis a quick overview of 200 years of local history.

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Settlers were encouraged to come to the area. Because Father Pandosy andhis fellow Oblates were of French descent, it was French speaking settlers who were encouraged to come to the area.Hence, L'Anse Au Sable (Sandy Cove) was Kelowna's first name.

World Wat. With the fruit market being challenged by overseas growers, it was becoming less and less economically viable for the small growers to make a living. government offered a monetary bonus to fruit growers to pull out their orchards and plant grapes. Today, these vineyards are rapidly taking over what was orchard land. Of course, the increased production of grapes has led to the establishment of a vigourous and growing wine industry. Indeed, the Okanagan Valley has become known as The Napa Valley of the North. There are more than 100 wineries producing prize winning wines. This industry is a natural accompaniment to our large tourist Michael Kors Quilted Crossbody

Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Dark Dune

As our transportation has evolved from the lake boats to trains and nowto airplanes,Kelowna Airport has become an international facility, keeping pace with modern technology. Advances in communication have also led to more people arriving in our borders and remaining to increase the permanent population.

In doing so, they made a trail the Fur Brigade Trail on the east side of Okanagan Lake, opposite today's Kelowna.

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Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Dark Dune

Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Dark Dune

For decades, the First Nation peoples had been resident in the Valley. The year 2011 marked 200 years since the first 'outsiders' came to the valley in 1811.They were the fur traders from the Pacific Fur Company, Northwest Company and Hudson Bay Company who, by 1832, brought their furs each yeardown from Fort Alexandria in the North to Fort Kamloops and down the west side of Okanagan Lake to Fort Okanogan , then onto the mouth of the Columbia River.

Even in the short period of 200 years, our valley has been continually changing.

Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Dark Dune

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