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Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder

life forever."

Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder

In 2008, the company sold its 12 Edelstein's Better Furniture stores to FAMSA USA, a subsidiary of Mexico based GRUPO FAMSA, but held on to the two, higher end Designer's Showroom stores.

"She herself negotiated it because she, to quote, did not want a saloon on her property," Michael Kors Handbags Rose Gold

Edelstein's employed about 260 people before it sold the 12 stores to FAMSA.

In 1995, Edelstein's acquired a high end furniture store in McAllen from Mexican nationals faced with the need for quick cash after the peso devaluation. This was the birth of Designer's Showroom McAllen.

Ruben Edelstein, Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder 96, has made a huge impact on Brownsville, said his daughter. He started the United Way here in the 1950s and served as mayor from 1975 to 1979, establishing the city's EMS service during his tenure, and was the first director of the Brownsville Public Utilities Board. for funds to build the Brownsville Community Health Center.

Designer's Showroom announced in February that it was closing its Michael Kors Cynthia Small Shoulder Bag

Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder

"We partnered up with Casa Linda Homes," she said. "For a year, every ad we had on television and in newsprint said register to win a house full of furniture. We were able to culminate our 100 year anniversary with the giveaway of a home.

Edelstein Best said that of all her fond memories of the business, a major highlight was the company's 100th anniversary celebration in 2006.

"I don't really have specific plans right now," she said. "I think I need to get this behind me. I'm sure I'll do something. I've worked all my life. I don't think I'm going to be happy not working. Maybe I'll put my toe back in the water in the furniture business in a different way not quite such a big way."

Edelstein Best said.

Edelstein Best said she has no children to pass the business on to, and none of her nieces or nephews live in the Rio Grande Valley or are interesting in taking over the business.

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´╗┐Furniture company set to close last two stores

Henrietta King, widow of King Ranch founder Richard King, brokered the deal personally.

Six years hence, Edelstein Best found herself at a crossroads in a substantially changed market.

The building was renovated completely in 1922 and Edelstein installed Brownsville's second passenger elevator. He introduced the "time payment plan" to make it easier for customers to afford his merchandise, which for a time included horse drawn buggies and Studebaker wagons in addition to furniture.

"I was going to have to start working more," she said. "My heart wasn't in it to work as hard as I needed to work to be successful."

Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder

"I have a great staff," she said. "I've always had great employees. Even when we closed the Edelstein's stores, many of our employees had been with us 40, 50 years. I still have employees that this is the only job they've ever known."

Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder

"He did a lot," Edelstein Best said. "He loved Brownsville."

Brownsville and McAllen locations. The actual last day will probably be sometime in May, depending on how fast the stores can get rid of their inventory. The plan for now is to give customers some last big bargains, wrap things up and "take a little rest," Edelstein Best said.

Morris Edelstein came to the United States through New York's Ellis Island in 1906, and moved to Eagle Pass to work for his older brother, Abe, as a peddler selling household goods. citizen in 1908.

Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder

In 1950, the brothers opened the high end furniture store Edelstein's Town Country House in the former Armstrong home at 1328 E. Washington. This store was the precursor to Designer's Showroom. In 1960, Town Country relocated to a site adjacent to where the Brownsville Designer's Showroom would be erected in the late 1990s.

She said her grandfather taught his sons to give back to the community and that her father took that charge very seriously.

Even if there aren't any blood relatives to pass the business on to, the company's 20 or so employees are like family, which makes it especially tough, Edelstein Best said.

"I'm the last family member to be working, and I've just decided I'd like to retire," she said. "I'm, of course, very torn. I mean, this has been my Michael Kors Crossbody Red Saffiano

In 1979, Edelstein's downtown Brownsville location became home to the nation's first Broyhill Furniture Gallery.

Edelstein's opened branches in Harlingen and McAllen in 1925, and by the 1930s had 12 locations around the Valley. Edelstein Best's father, Ruben Edelstein, took over the business in 1946, soon joined by his younger brother Ben Edelstein.

Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder

"What made it so sweet was these people were really our customers. They won, literally, a whole house full of furniture. That was so incredible."

Edelstein befriended a train conductor, who tipped him off that the railroad was coming to Brownsville and urged him to seek his fortune there. In 1912, Edelstein relocated to the wild border town that was Brownsville with $350 in his pocket. Customs Building and started selling furniture. In 1920, Edelstein bought the property from the owner, the King Ranch Estate, for $18,000 from Judge James B. Wells, who Jim Wells County is named for.

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Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder

Michael Kors Handbags Over Shoulder

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