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"In fact it really worries us how this is going to affect the future leaders of our community and the women," she says. "It's been a long time since this elected system came into place, it has always been a man who has sat Mk Bags Uk

as the Grand Chief and there was no place for women up until a few years ago."

reputation in these matters is crazy at best, that's why they were brought in.

Calls to Grand Chief Serge Simon were not immediately returned.

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First, I do have an agenda. The implementation of a strong ethics code and an elected commission to oversee the ethical practises of the elected officials which by the way have been blocked by this ousted quorum.

In the Mohawk community of Kanesatake near Oka, a political battle has erupted along gender lines.

As per the non confidence vote, I have yet to pay anything with regards to it. If I have to pay it I will, but for the moment I will try to get it payed by our council. But like every thing I try to submit it is quickly blocked by this ousted quorum leaving me no choice but to cover the cost. To allude That the CESO organization would sell Michael Kors Dove Grey Purse it's unbiased Michael Kors Handbags Tote Brown

´╗┐Gender war on Kanesatake council

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Serge find out what the Mohawk word for chief means you obviously have no understanding.

If CJAD wishes to have me come on their show I would be very happy to oblige. This way we can put some clarity on the matter, and let the coward squirm as the truth comes out.

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As per the word chief, as the coward alludes to, I can make a clear distinction between myself and one of those the coward backs. One of the ousted chiefs last year went to a cigarette factory in Kanawake to lobby for her son to get a distributorship from them only to take $60.000.00 worth of product and never paid them for it. Is that what the meaning is of chief? To hide $36.000.00 in lawyer fees from myself and other chiefs, funds used to attack one of our services? To allow the repair of her son's house without bringing it to the rest of council, and giving the repair job to her brother in law? Is that the meaning of chief? Well I guess the coward is right I do not know the meaning of chief!

Actual it doesn't. If you knew these 'men' you would never have voted them in.

Michael Kors Dove Grey Purse

Michael Kors Dove Grey Purse

Serge has his own agenda.

the chiefs never forget the future of our people. So yes I have an agenda, and according to the coward I must be stopped!

The implementation of an elected elders council which once in order can send two representatives to sit at every council chiefs meeting as observers to make sure we all govern for the betterment of our territory. The implementation of a youth council to serve as a advisory board as per the needs and aspirations of our young people so that Michael Kors Rhea White Backpack

Michael Kors Dove Grey Purse

Gagnier adds there is nothing in their electoral code that sasy they can be ousted midway through their term and they intend to keep their jobs and serve the community.

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Michael Kors Dove Grey Purse

"Until the Grand Chief can provide the public with prroof that this is a provision in the electoral code, we are staying where we are, we have done nothing wrong."

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Michael Kors Dove Grey Purse

Independent observers he hired at his OWN expense. Doesn't that say it all.

If they go, Serge has no chiefs, no quarrum. The people who voted these chiefs in are the ones to have their say until the next election, because if they go you all go.

The opposition to his power: it is not HIS power that it is why there are 6 chiefs to prevent corruption each chief supposedly representing each clan (but thanks to gov interference, are way was destroyed).

The four female band councillors say they're not going anywhere after they lost a confidence vote arranged last weekend by the three male members of the council.

Hello, as grand chief of kanesatake I would like to respond to the coward that left their comment on this page without putting their name to it.

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