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Some pockets of the district have been stuck behind 10ft snow drifts which left roads unpassable, with residents joining forces to dig their way out in parts of Wilsden, Tyersal and Riddlesden.

Not one customer dared tackle the treacherous approach to the pub yesterday morning (TUE) with JCBs and gritters trying to clear the road for the second day running.

Farm worker John Wilcock added: "It is scandalous. You would think the council would come and help out, especially with families and children being down here.

interested. Nobody will help us to clear the lane.

"Our neighbour is eight months pregnant," Mrs Lees said.

At Dick Hudsons pub on Otley Road in Bingley, cars have been abandoned after smashing into the pub's fence.

"It is still quite hazardous. We were cut off completely all weekend. Our Co op had run out of alot of food and milk."

"She rang the Council to say she couldn't get out, and they said they would try and do something about it if she went into labour.

"Forty homes on our estate were affected. We got out yesterday (TUE) morning but I am not sure whether i will be able to get home.

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"The Council are up here with their JCBs and are hoping to get it sorted."

Phil Mann, who lives at Tyersal Hall, has his car partly buried under the snow.

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"A car has gone through our Give Way sign and two abandoned cars are still outside.

Pensioners, pregnant women and those with toddlers have all been affected by the hazardous weather as JCB diggers tried frantically to get the snow cleared in the worst affected areas.

Shay Lane was blocked both ends until Monday.

The wall of snow started about 50 metres along Tyersal Lane from its junction with Ned Lane.

Meanwhile Lisa Lees, who lives on Millside Estate, Birkshead, Wilsden, close to Shay Lane, said that residents spent five hours clearing the 5ft drifts in the lane with the help of a digger from a nearby farm.

Julie Nunney, of Tyersal House Farm, said her family had been relying on friends to bring them food.

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Saturday morning to get someone to come and clear this lane. We have tried Leeds City Council and Bradford Council but no one is Michael Kors Juliana

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She said that by yesterday, only about 12 feet of the road had been cleared of drifting snow.

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He said it was engulfed in snow so quickly on Friday night that Michael Kors Zebra Bag he didn't have time to move it and is now without heating because his supply of gas had run out.

"We have not been able to go anywhere since Friday night. Farmers could not even get tractors through it.

Other residents, who have been left without food and heating, slammed the Council for not clearing the lane and leaving them cut off.

The remote spot is surrounded by fields and the track is impassable for vehicles with some residents comparing the conditions to Britain's infamous 'Big Freeze' winter of 1963.

Residents in parts of the district have spoken of their fury and frustration as their communities remained cut off for more than four days because of the sheer volume of snow.

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A Leeds City Council spokesman said: "We have been prioritising resources into keeping main roads open which has been difficult in rural areas due to drifting snow. We have now removed most of the blockages and can now direct some resource onto Tyersal Lane, which is not an adopted road, to assist the residents on this private road."

Deputy pub manager, Danny Matthews, said that the road had been closed for days with problems starting at 5.30pm on Friday.

"We are now open but yesterday (TUE) we didn't have anybody in.

The occupants of eight homes were left stranded for four nights on Tyersal Lane by a mile long, 5ft deep in places, wall of snow.

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"There were about 25 peaks along the lane where it is seven foot deep. It is really freaky."

has been really bad with cars sliding everywhere and smashing into the fence near the pub," he said.

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´╗┐Frustration as snow cuts off communities for days From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

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