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"He gave me that break at Forest and I want to thank him for doing that.

"They play with wingers and that's good to see."

Michael Kors Wallet Brown

"I hadn't played much at Forest before Steve Cotterill came in and I'm not sure why," said McCleary, who had started barely 20 league games before Cotterill was appointed, following his arrival from Bromley in January 2008.

Michael Kors Wallet Brown

Sounds like sour grapes to me corby mac

Martyn20111 I heard there were championship side wanting to take him at the start of last season.

Michael Kors Wallet Brown

Craigwigan, sprinter? I think if you watch and compare you will find you have the wrong winger.

sneintonPRAM good to have you back but its about time you changed the record its the same old thing 17,000 fans a tip of a ground havent been in the prem for the past 15 years cant you try and think of something original to talk about how about the last time when you were in the prem and you managed 11 points and if I am not mistaken you one 1 game yes 1 game against Newcastle who had a player sent off so you were playing against 10 men you still hold the record which will never be beaten as being the WORST team in the history of the PREM I believe you have a trophy for this feat which sits along side your other trophy you have won in the past 20 years the KENCO cup, so just sign up for your mobile phone and get a free season ticket thats if you know how to get to prideless park to buy one.

"You always get some negative comments when you leave a club, but I'm really happy with the decision I made to join Reading.

But he also admitted he owed a debt of thanks to Cotterill, who was the first Forest manager to give him a genuine run in the side, after three years of McCleary being a fringe figure at the club.

´╗┐Garath McCleary thanks Steve Cotterill for reviving his career with Nottingham Forest

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Redmoose, Trentend, Redfan89, EducatedRed, phycho33 and jmaddo, your posts are all spot on and all the bitter fickle fans on here hoping mccleary fails in the Michael Kors Miranda

Michael Kors Wallet Brown

Michael Kors Wallet Brown

prem should read them.

McCleary admits it was a difficult decision to leave the City Ground, but he is now looking forward to a bright future under Brian McDermott.


Michael Kors Wallet Brown

Michael Kors Wallet Brown

"I've had some really nice messages from both sets of supporters.

If he had stayed, got injured then lost form for the rest of the season how many of us would of shown loyalty and stuck by him for the next? I assure most would of wanted rid of him just like mgugan now who I think may have won a lot of us over again with his performances towards the end of last Purse Michael Kors Price

"I could never have dreamed that five years ago when I was playing non league football."

Funny this time 1 to 2 years ago we were all saying the 20,000 mccleary from bromley is not championship standard and league 1/2 at best and would of gladly dropped him off personally to another club or the bus stop.

You have to understand cloughntaylor, opportunities don't always come calling a second time. Anything could of happened, injury, loss of form. As for him thanking Steve publicly,why not I think its genuine regardless of what the negatives say about it being an empty one, why would one bother if it was(He did it on twitter also) He came out of nowhere and contributed massively in saving our League status, something Steve would of taken over him going on a free rather than us going down to league One and him staying. I as a longtime forest fan would be more thankful of that than recieving a fee for him.

"These last few weeks have all been a bit of a whirlwind and I just can't wait for next season now," said McCleary.

Sneitoram, you really need to get a life son. Next season is a new one and anything can happen. Your club could one day go on to win the champions league but it will not make a change to your life, only you can do that so why not spend your energy bettering yourself instead of coming on here saying the same old thing week in week out.

Michael Kors Wallet Brown

If we all think he won't cut it in the prem and give a good account of himself what hope is there for our current squad bar gunter and mgugan(if he realises his potential). Four premier clubs believe he can so I think he'll take confidence from that and Im sure SC said in a past interview he can push on. I actually think apart from the top 5/6 teams the gap between the championship and prem is not as big as people think. I don't think he got the player of the year award for only three months football as he was actually playing well from the moment he came back start of december, it wasn't just about his goals. But either him, gunter or lynch could of won it but only because they played more games imo.

I can understand McCleary wanting to play Premier League football and having a big pay rise. Who wouldn't? I can't understand him thanking Cotterill for reviving his career but then leaving. He knows the score at Forest with the club under offer. He could have signed a new contract with Forest, 10 grand a week was on offer, he could have Michael Kors Wallet Brown given it half a season to see how things were going. If no buyer had come along and the club was still lingering in mid table then he could have left, Forest would have got a transfer fee and he would still have got his big pay rise. That would have thanked Cotterill and Forest properly but he just couldn't wait to get away could he.

"As soon as Cotterill came in he gave me my chance and I got the opportunity to play more than three games at a time," said McCleary, who was named player of the season at the City Ground prior to their last match against Portsmouth.

"I always gave my all for Forest. I'm happy to have helped them avoid relegation and now I have the chance to play Premier League football.

Michael Kors Wallet Brown

People say mccleary owes a debt to forest? If that debt were to be repaid by making a massive contribution to keeping us in this league then I would of Michael Kors Wallet Bag

taken it. I had a big feeling he was off when he was handing out the football boots to the kids in the stand after the last game. Top guy and all the best

Michael Kors Wallet Brown

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