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´╗┐Gai lashes out at Singleton

NSW headquarters in Sydney on Monday for the stewards' inquiry into the poor performance of More Joyous in the All Aged Stakes.

''I only saw (Johns) briefly before the race started and we didn't talk about More Joyous' fitness, health or anything like that,'' he said.

collateral damage because (of the) $12.5 million that Tom spends at Channel Nine . He said (to me), 'I will be collateral damage'," Mr Singleton told the inquiry.

Meanwhile, Gai and Tom Waterhouse have accused Mr Singleton of being drunk when he confronted Mrs Waterhouse about the state of his mare prior to the All Aged Stakes on April 27.

The inquest sparked a bitter and public spat between Singleton and Waterhouse, amid allegations that her bookmaker son Tom might have told people the horse could not win the prestigious event.

Mr Singleton said he advised Johns to go to Channel Nine and simply explain and apologise that he had possibly blown it out of proportion, "big noting the information he had got", but that did not appear to have occurred.

Softening, she described him as being her "most valued owner" but queried why, if he was so concerned at the information he was receiving on that day, he hadn't gone to the stewards himself to report the rumours about the horse.

told him the horse "was off".

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To Singo directly, she said: "You're an absolute sham."

Neither Johns, Hayson or Robinson had complied with orders by the stewards to attend the hearing.

That was the evidence given by millionaire John Singleton on Monday afternoon, who told a stewards inquiry Johns was extremely upset and anxious that he may have "embellished" the information given to him by Waterhouse about the state of the horse.

Three members of the Waterhouse family, Mr Singleton and a swag of media have been at Racing Michael Kors Bags Selma Sale

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Renowned trainer Gai Waterhouse has launched a stinging attack on her long time friend and racehorse owner John Singleton, saying he brought the sport into disrepute by believing "Chinese whispers" between "a trumped up little jockey, a brothel owner and a football player".

"It was Chinese whispers . a conversation between a trumped up little jockey, a brothel owner and a football player," she said angrily, referring to Allan Robinson, Eddie Hayson and league legend Andrew Johns.

"That's why we're here, that's what our livelihoods are swinging on in front of you today. They're the people who are discrediting my son, my husband, and myself. We've all come here and we are being ridiculed because we're here. It's an absolute disgrace. He (Singleton) has brought racing into disrepute."

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Johns visited Mr Singleton at his farm on Tuesday, the ad man saying he had never seen the league legend so upset and dishevelled, fearing he had caused embarrassment to all the parties over what he had been"He believed he would be Michael Kors Hobo Shoulder Bag

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Across the hearing room, Tom Waterhouse asked Mr Singleton to confirm that Johns Michael Kors Grey Bag Uk had told him he backed the horse "before you cause significant damage to me and my business".

NRL legend Andrew Johns fears being sacked by Channel Nine for his role in the More Joyous racing controversy, believing the network values its multi million dollar deal with Tom Waterhouse above his services.

Johns has not attended the inquiry despite a request to do so.

In the final minutes of the hearing, Mrs Waterhouse accused Mr Singleton of the entire furore, saying if he hadn't gone on television and made "outlandish" statements about the horse being injured, "we wouldn't be sitting here".

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Wunderkind may have sunk mothershipConflict of interest a 'very big deal'

Tom Waterhouse reiterated to the inquiry that he had never spoken to anyone about the mare's health, despite reports he had talked to Johns about the horse before the race.

"I thought someone's been eating the dictionary or someone at Channel Nine has been improving his (Johns') vocabulary," he said, prompting laughter from the public gallery.

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Nonetheless, he said Johns believed Tom Waterhouse had Michael Kors Wallet New Collection

Mr Singleton told the inquiry he had been surprised to hear Johns use the word "embellish" to describe the information he had passed on.

Johns placed a $100 bet on the horse to win the race, but betting records show that was not done until about 4.15pm immediately prior to the race.

'Big noting' Johns fears axe from Channel Nine

Sitting at the opposite ends of the Racing NSW boardroom table, Mrs Waterhouse and Mr Singleton had traded barbs all day, with Tom and Robbie joining in the sport at various intervals.

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Clearly angry and upset with the speculation surrounding her actions and those of her bookmaker son Tom Waterhouse and husband Robbie Waterhouse, Mrs Waterhouse's tirade was the culmination of a long and heated day at the stewards inquiry into the running of the All Aged Stakes at Randwick on Saturday April 27.

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