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Michael Kors Purse Black And White

Michael Kors Purse Black And White

on time. The adults continued to talk among themselves, and 7 year old Hailey Ramundo played with a several weeks old puppy, who was fluffy and feisty. Hailey had no trouble keeping herself amused while she waited for her summertime sister to arrive.

family for nearly three decades. Her daughter Megan was there to greet their two kids and to participate in some of the fun during their stay. Karen's two sons, who are in their 20s, also spend time each summer hanging out with the kids.

While it's Aisha's second summer with Quinn, it's her fourth in the program. When asked what she looked forward to most, the answer was an easy one: camping. Quinn said they stayed in a cabin last year at a KOA Campground and plan to do so again this summer.

There was one other quintessential camping activity that Aisha couldn't wait to do.

"What are they called again?" Aisha asked. "With chocolate, marshmallows?"

Michael Kors Purse Black And White

Michael Kors Purse Black And White

"It was just so precious," Quinn said. "It made me want to do it all the more."

Nashua resident Karen Elwood and her children have been a host Michael Kors Purses Blue And White

Staying with the Elwoods this year are 9 year old Isis Oneal and Meheza Pitoh, 6. This is Isis' second year with the family, and she said she was looking forward to swimming in the Elwoods' in ground pool. Meheza was more shy than her summer sister, hanging on to Karen Elwood's hand, her long braids parted on the side of her head. Her voice was barely a whisper when she said her name and how old she was.

Returning to stay with Quinn this summer is 12 year old Aisha Ling. Participating in the program for the first time was Madison Maisonet, 10, whose father had participated. Madison asked her dad if she could take part, too, and told Quinn she is excited to see lightning bugs.

"S'mores," Quinn answered. Aisha shook her head enthusiastically in agreement.

"I wanted my kids to grow up knowing you don't get everything," Karen Elwood said about why she decided to participate in the program.

Layla Green was the first child off the bus, sporting an sparkly orange shirt to match her orange and gray sneakers. She ran to Hailey and gave her a big hug. Soon after, Hailey's mom, Kirsten Vernon, hugged Layla, and her husband, Kevin Ramundo, followed suit. Layla was returning for her second year to stay with the Amherst family.

There is still time to be a host family for the August program. Anyone interested can contact Elwood at 594 1367 to set up an interview and background check.

"Hailey likes it because she's Michael Kors Purse Black And White an only child," Vernon said. "She found out that it wasn't all what it was cracked up to be. After 10 days, they were on each other's nerves. They had a little bit of sibling rivalry going on."

Michael Kors Purse Black And White

Michael Kors Purse Black And White

is no set age for a family to participate in Fresh Air Fund. Having children is not a requirement, and retired folks could be a good match up for the kids in the program, they said.

Michael Kors Purse Black And White

NASHUA A small group of people milled around in a hot parking lot at Nashua High School South late Thursday afternoon, the early July sun shining down on them as they waited for the bus to arrive. Last year, Carol Quinn, of Litchfield, received calls saying they wouldn't arrive Michael Kors Ava Medium Blush

Also on the docket for Quinn, Aisha and Madison is blueberry picking and pie making, swimming, visiting farms in Litchfield, and spending time at Clark's Trading Post, which offers free admission for Fresh Air Fund children.

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Karen Elwood told the girls that she planned a well rounded schedule of New England events, including visits to the beach, the aquarium and the zoo, and some mini golf and bowling.

"We relive what they like to do," Elwood said.

Elwood, Quinn and Vernon all noted that there Michael Kors Medium Selma

Over the years, she has been host to a total of 17 kids. One little girl spent six summers with the Elwoods, and the family also hosted her brother and little sister. The Elwood home is also the emergency placement house, in case a Fresh Air kid doesn't get along with his or her host family. In the 27 or so years she has been doing this, Elwood said she has never had a problem with any of her emergency placement kids or other host children.

"I am so proud to be from New Hampshire because there's so many businesses that are so good to Fresh Air kids," Quinn said. Storyland and Santa's Village also give away free admission to participants, she said.

Turning onto the road leading to the school's campus was a giant red bus. Aboard were children participating in Fresh Air Fund, up from New York City for a week to spend some of their summer vacation with local families.

Michael Kors Purse Black And White

Michael Kors Purse Black And White

´╗┐Fresh Air Fund children meet families

For Quinn, the timing was right last summer for her to become a Fresh Air Fund family. Her own kids were grown, and she was ready to welcome some new children into her home for a week. She said she had always known about the program but was especially motivated after a strawberry picking trip last summer. A woman was showing a small girl who was a Fresh Air child how to pick strawberries and that she could actually eat the fruit.

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