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"I enjoyed the work because I wanted to help people and I thought Triage looked like a company who had stable funding, so I applied for a job.

the company.

benefits get into work.

The Stirling based firm admitted the insult had been used. But they insisted it was a one off and that LTB was "not a phraseology used or accepted by Triage".

Linda said the practice is known as "parking".

Another former employee of Triage, who asked not to be named, last night backed up claims that the phrase "LTB" was widely used throughout Michael Kors East West Tote

"The manner in which customers were spoken to was simply outrageous.

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She said: "Everything at Triage was about making money. I don't think they were interested at all in helping people move on in their lives."

She added: "They would be put on telephone interviews. just to make sure that there was this contact made so they could tick a box to say, 'Yeah, they're still on the Work Programme'."

"But after a couple of weeks, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

to some of those main companies.

A TAXPAYER FUNDED employment firm referred to disabled clients as "lying, thieving bs", it was claimed yesterday.

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Last night, however, former Triage employee Linda Smith, 49, said it was "completely commonplace" to call clients LTBs.

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Linda, who worked for Triage in Aberdeen from February to October last year, added: "I had previously worked for another organisation trying to help people get back to work.

"It was all about money. They didn't care about people. They are supposed to help people into work but my impression was that what the bosses were about was helping themselves into work."

"They are trying to say that it could only have been a one off thing but that is rubbish."

The married mum of four said: "It was Michael Kors Tote Bag Usa

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He said: "It was a term I became acquainted with at my induction with the company.

Linda claimed Triage had other motives.

In the programme, it was claimed that Triage took disabled people on to their books to get an initial payment from the Government but then did nothing to help them get a job.

Kate Carnegie, Managing Director of Triage Central Ltd

Their job is to provide support, training, work preparation and job opportunities to help people on

Eighteen main companies have been contracted to sign up disabled clients and find them jobs.

The Government's 5billion Work Programme has identified 68,000 disabled people on incapacity benefit who they believe can work.

The LTB allegations were made in a BBC documentary aired last night.

"It was pretty commonplace and it was used in what they probably felt was a humorous manner. But it was communicating a strong cultural message to staff.

´╗┐funded firm are accused of Michael Kors Jet Set Gray insulting sick and disabled clients

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the term used at the staff training sessions I attended.

Triage are helping to deliver the Government's controversial Welfare To Work scheme, which is aimed at getting thousands of sick and disabled people off incapacity benefit.

Triage work as a sub contractor Michael Kors Purse And Wallet

"It was an enormous relief to get out of there."

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