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The trail's gateway is the village of St. Martins, which boasts two covered bridges, a red topped light station, orange red cliffs and sea caves. You reach it from Saint John by taking Hwy. 111, then 825.

My must see list for the original stretch between the entrance and the interpretive centre includes the lookout points for Pangburn Beach, Fuller Falls and Melvin's Beach.


The trail occupies part of a 1 km deep strip of land acquired from a pulp and paper company once owned by American newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst.

One of New Brunswick's best kept secrets is less than an hour from Saint John, its biggest city.

The most stunning feature of the new road is a hairpin turn providing views of the coast in either direction. Beyond this are more lookouts, including one 157 metres above Long Beach, a pure sand strand that rarely sees even a footprint. Monday Friday to beaches or restored sea captains' burial grounds.

The new stretch of trail begins beyond the vehicle bridge over the Big Salmon. The road cuts through volcanic rock that shimmers like glass. There are steep hills, with 13, 14 and even 16% grades. I got out at the first new lookout, 100 metres above interpretive centre. The smell of evergreens was noticeable, a reminder that's there's no heavy industry anywhere near.

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The Caves, in St. Martins, is a popular lunch spot. Passengers from a cruise ship visiting St. Johns were enjoying brilliant sunshine on the deck, digging into platters of fish 'n' chips and admiring the nearby sea caves when I popped in for a bowl of chowder.

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Michael Kors Tote Bag Cream

From St. Martin, the road to the trail entrance rises and falls like the famous Fundy tides.

On weekends and holidays, a shuttle bus operates from the interpretive centre to the parking lots. If you don't feel like walking back to your car, you can wait and hop the shuttle.


cliffs, waterfalls, empty beaches and the admission fees paltry $4 for adults, $3.50 for seniors yet it attracts only about 50,000 visitors annually.

You could simply drive the whole thing, but you'd miss many of its best features. Pull into lay bys near the lookout points, most of which are wheelchair accessible. Better yet, park and go for a stroll. The trail is well signed and there are water stations and picnic shelters.

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´╗┐Fundy Trail scenery inspiring

It consists of a hiking/cycling path and an adjacent paved road for motorists.

A four hour guided Day Adventure to Hearst Lodge, once owned by the publishing Michael Kors Bags Hk

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Michael Kors Tote Bag Cream

Michael Kors Tote Bag Cream

Michael Kors Tote Bag Cream

The trail's roadway is closed mid October to mid May, but off season visitors can park near the entrance and enjoy the path at no cost.

The interpretive centre contains historical artifacts and videos about the logging, fishing and shipbuilding community that once flourished there.

The trail was 10 km long when it opened in 1998. A 6 km addition was completed a few months before my visit last fall.

There's a shaded porch across the back from which you can view the Big Salmon River, and a suspension bridge you can cross on foot. A portable sawmill with cookhouse and interpretive building was being built while I was there and is scheduled to open this season.

The Fundy Trail gives public access to what I've been told is the longest undeveloped stretch of Atlantic coastline between Florida and Michael Kors Iphone 5

I photographed Pangburn from a couple of Michael Kors Tote Bag Cream spots, including an observation deck 47 metres above the cobblestone beach.

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An overnight package including one night at Hearst Lodge, a salmon dinner and full breakfast next morning. This was offered at $99 per person last year, a bargain.

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