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Michael Kors Purses Price

Michael Kors Purses Price

A good thing about a Michael Kors Purses Price collection of short plays is that, if one doesn work, another will be along soon. All in all, there plenty to enjoy is this year Fresh Ink festival.

Michael Kors Purses Price

Michael Kors Purses Price

Michael Kors Purses Price

There are a couple of robotic female employees named Titania and Viola (Jessica Sijan and Cat Campbell, respectively); a male employee named Mercutio (Brett Edwards), who writing a novel about corporate oppression; and a boss called Mr. Bottom (Trevor Allen). I still not sure how it all fits together, and it was rough around the edges at times, but it held my interest. (I just being honest.)

The funniest play was Matt Brown Shakespeare in Space, a Star Trek send up in which the spaceship Transport Vessel D 5, with its cargo of cultural relics from a long abandoned Earth, is under assault from dagger worms that penetrate through the anus and cause Michael Kors Sutton

There also a man (or, as Miss Hamlet calls him, a who pops up from the barrel. When the is shot with the donkey gun, he becomes a Trust me, it funny.

Absurdism also rules in Tara Grover Smith Resolution (directed by Cal Reese), though with a kind of grim seriousness. The play is set in the offices of a corporation that is developing eyeglasses that increase tech workers productivity by recording their eye movements and eliminating those that are unnecessary. The only problem is that the glasses make the eyes bleed.

Michael Kors Purses Price

In Thou Art an Ass, Orlando, one of the four locally written one act plays on the boards in the Blue Room Theatre downtown, a character, Brandon, reads aloud a scathing newspaper review of a local production of Romeo and Juliet.

who emerges from the barrel, and Patient Lavinia (John Loss), whom the dagger worms have turned into a man with a donkey head, greenery growing from his fingers and a celery stick for a penis. If you going over the top, might as well go all the way.

you being rather harsh? he asks her. just being honest, she replies. they seventh graders! he exclaims. she says scornfully.

For the festival, the playwrights had to work within certain constraints. They had only about 15 minutes of stage time and little in the way of props (a barrel, a hobby horse, a table and some chairs) to add to the Blue Room black box stage. In addition, this year they were required to include lines from Shakespeare in their plays to honor him on the 450th anniversary of his birth.

Finally, there was Saralysette Ballard aforementioned Thou Art an Ass, Orlando, directed by Delisa Freistadt. This was the most literate of the four plays and also made the most sophisticated use of Shakespearean imagery and lines, but it didn stage well. The characters were intriguing (especially the crassly narcissistic Orlando, played by Garrett Miller), but on opening night they didn cohere physically.

I can relate to that. The four plays that comprise this year Fresh Ink, the Blue Room annual festival of one acts, aren high art, either as plays or performances. (I just being honest.) But they delivered with tremendous enthusiasm, a couple of them are terrific fun, and the others are always interesting.

Sean Proctor Asap, directed by Hugh Brashear, is also wildly comical, thanks to a scene chewing performance by the fearless Samantha Perry as Miss Hamlet and a script that has something to do with a weapons development scheme based on Shakespeare characters (there a gun that can turn people into donkeys, for example).

with a Hitlerian moustache; Capt. Dogberry (Kathryn Jackson), a garishly costumed figure Michael Kors Bags

´╗┐Fresh Ink follies

Hey, it laugh out loud funny costumes, an absurd premise, and actors who can pull it off. Burns is especially terrific, spitting out unds like bullets, and the rest of the cast keeps right up with her. Credit to director Stephanie Ditty for making it all work.

space insanity. the characters are Dr. Butts (Betty Burns), a mad German ship doctor Michael Kors Purses Pictures

Michael Kors Purses Price

Michael Kors Purses Price

Michael Kors Purses Price

Michael Kors Purses Price

Michael Kors Purses Price

Michael Kors Purses Price

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