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But after the 22 year old crashed into a road sign it emerged he was covered only as a named driver on his father's car.

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He explained this was because his wife had already accepted a payment from the Uptons of 20 per cent of the costs, with the court deciding this payment had amounted to an agreement on both sides.

But Mr Gaisford believes the amount is still not enough.

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Michael Kors Bags Rose

"It meant a lot to me when the judge called their behaviour 'shabby' during the hearing because it confirmed to me that it was not all in my imagination.

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"As soon as Gaisford threatened to push for Tom's prosecution unless the repairs were paid for, the Uptons hardened Michael Kors Shoulder Bag

their attitude to settling the bill as they refused to react to blackmail."

they are Michael Kors Bags Rose trying to do is cover up what the judge said was their shabby behaviour. And that was another Upton lie the judge's remarks were not "an off the cuff" comment but made in his main summing up. Just trying to get the record straight!

In a statement, Mr Upton, who lives in Kent Hatch Road, said he had been the victim of a campaign of threatening calls and emails from Mr Gaisford.

"They are a well off family. We were supposed to be friends. I would have been happy to go halves, and would really not have been that much for them considering it was his son's fault."

"In fact, the reverse is true. Gaisford has continually ignored his responsibility to Tom as his employer.

Another comment in the Judge's summing up was that Tom Upton's statement when he was prosecuted for no insurance "was at best unhelpful and at worst untruthful" Well the Upton's comments in the newspaper article were once again a lie. At no time did I make threatening phone calls or e mails and if they thought I was blackmailing them why didn't they go to the police? I tell them now "do so". They wont of course as all Mk Bags Limited Edition

"The judge made an off the cuff remark in his closing comments to the effect that the Uptons' behaviour was shabby," he said.

´╗┐Friends in court row over accident

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"I admit I do partly hold some of the blame as I should have asked him for documents, but he was a family friend and I had no reason to doubt him," said Mr Gaisford, of Bexhill, East Sussex.

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he was comprehensively insured.

Mr Gaisford, a retired police officer, said he had allowed Tom to drive his 4x4 while working for him in June 2008 because he insisted Michael Kors Fulton Shoulder Bag

Michael Kors Bags Rose

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