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From the very beginning of their ranching here in Grand County the Taylor family has had a great appreciation for this land and has worked hard to care for it appropriately so it can flourish, not only to assist their cattle business but for all the local residents and tourists to enjoy.

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Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Pocket Tote

Discussions on buying locally produced agricultural food products have become a regular news item in the last few years. When buying locally, not only are you buying very fresh products, but you get the chance to meet those agricultural producers whose labor puts food on all of our tables. As a side benefit you also help to limit the amount of transportation required and petroleum products used to move these products.

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The McClish family, which includes Molly, Tye and Lily McClish and Rowan Antonuccio, are in the process of developing facilities for a dairy herd. The whole family will take part in the dairy operation as they take great pleasure in raising their own food and in knowing where it comes from. The family believes that small scale, local agriculture is important to the community. They also appreciate the economic aspect that by buying locally money is kept in our community.

agricultural products.

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Sol Food Farms

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Sol Food will be selling fresh and canned produce at the Moab Farmers' Market this season.

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Chris believes in building partnerships with other agricultural producers to create a mutually beneficial business opportunity and he looks forward to working with more producers this year. The farm also relies heavily on the help of volunteers as well as partnerships with friends and neighbors to operate successfully. Anyone interested in helping is asked to contact Chris.

variety of vegetables last year, including squash, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, kale, eggplant, Swiss chard and more, along with many culinary herbs. Grand County has some great vegetables growers and I was personally very impressed with the great looking and tasting vegetables Larry had last year.

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Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Pocket Tote

Larry White, the owner of Creekside Lane Organics, has personally grown quality vegetables for years and started growing organic vegetables commercially in 2009. Larry grew a wide Michael Kors Phone Case Uk

Sol Food also plans on focusing their energy on preserving produce in the form of sauces, salsas, pickles and fruit preserves, which will help them expand their marketing opportunities throughout the year as well as help with their mission of sustainability. They have also developed a flock of chickens and plan on selling free range eggs.

They currently are constructing a milk parlor and creamery and expect to be up and running in a few months providing fresh hormone free and antibiotic free milk and milk products. Once the facilities are developed and the dairy herd established, they expect to offer raw milk and some raw cheeses for sale from the farm only, as well as pasteurized milk, butter, cream and soft cheeses. In the future they expect to be able to offer hard cheeses, yogurt and sour cream. The farm also produces eggs, pork and lamb.

´╗┐Gardening Living in Grand Style Support local agricultural producers

In 2010, they will continue this practice by growing a variety of vegetables and also plan on experimenting with some new crops, including yacon and oca. Yacon is a perennial plant that grows a crisp, sweet tasting tuber that can be eaten raw or cooked. Due to its taste, yacon is often called "the apple of the earth." Oca is an annual that grows underground tubers. It has been compared to Jerusalem Artichokes and can be eaten either raw or cooked.

Br'er and Heila are the founders of Free Meal, which operates seven days a week in downtown Moab, is run entirely by volunteers and food donations and offers a free lunchtime meal to any and all.

Creekside Lane Organics

local producers consider giving them all a try. When buying locally, not only are you buying very fresh products, but you ge.">Share This Article.

Larry is offering CSA's (community supported agriculture) for 2010. A CSA involves selling shares of farm produce for which people pay a fee up front at the beginning of the season and they then get a weekly box of produce from the farm. The box of produce will include a percentage of whatever crops are produced, and Larry estimates the weekly boxes will be provided for a period of between 24 to 30 weeks, depending on the crops.

While our local farmers can't raise every product Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Pocket Tote we might desire (oranges anyone?) there are many local products being offered including beef, vegetables, cheeses, fruit, and, before too many more months, locally produced cows milk.

Sol Food Farms was started in 2009 by Chris Conrad. This year, he is being helped by Br'er Ershadi and his wife Heila. Chris strongly believes in having sustainable, locally produced food available to everyone, and Sol Food Farms was created to help meet that goal.

Creekside Lane's organic certification will be finalized this year, making the farm one of the few in our area with an official organic certification. If you are interested in buying a CSA from Creekside Lane please give Larry a call at 259 5425 or call during the season if you just want to buy some produce from time to time. Larry is also seeking help or interns for his farm, and if you are interested please give him a call.

Dee and his family continue this tradition of concern for the land, for their herds and for providing quality beef products. Fisher Valley Ranch beef has been sold through Ye Ol' Geezer Meat Shop in Moab and the ranch is looking for other outlets for their beef.

Dee and Tammy Taylor currently manage the Fisher Valley Ranch with the help of their sons and other family members. Dee is the sixth generation and his sons will be the seventh to manage cattle herds on this ranch. Dee currently has a "natural" Angus cattle herd that ranges free over his property and approved allotments. 'Natural' means no growth hormones or antibiotics are used. Angus is a premium cattle breed that provides high quality beef and Fisher Valley Ranches can provide both grain and grass fed beef.

McClish Family Dairy

We have more local agricultural producers that I will be writing about, so look for future articles. All of these producers are working to help provide food products for our area. If you are looking for these products and want to buy from Michael Kors Outlet Bags

Their smaller operation allows them to know their cows, all of which have names and are provided with love everyday. They also buy their feed either locally or from other growers in Utah. When the farm is in production they look forward to people visiting and meeting the cows that provide them with this variety of Michael Kors Mini

They are talking with the various markets and food establishments about using and carrying their products and will let the public know where those products will be available.

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