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Michael Kors Bags In Usa

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

´╗┐Gas price Michael Kors Bags In Usa climb driven

Motorists shouldn't assume that they're being ripped off just because gasoline prices are rising at a time that crude oil prices haven't moved as much.

The average regular gas price in Metro hit $1.495 per litre Tuesday, up about eight cents in the past week.

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

Gas prices typically jump in the spring as more drivers take to the roads, cutting into gasoline supplies and putting upward pressure on prices.

He said wholesale prices paid by retailers have already risen about 14 cents in the last couple of weeks.

Gas prices here are also influenced by the fact Kinder Morgan's Michael Kors Backpack Black White

Parent said the pipeline may have allocated slightly more capacity recently to crude oil shipments, leaving less flexibility to move Michael Kors Cynthia Small Flap Over Shoulder Bag

He said the outlook for the Lower Mainland depends in part on how long refining is disrupted at Michael Kors Large Backpack

But Parent said the traditional seasonal spike happened earlier this year.

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

"Retail prices up until the last couple of days haven't really kept pace with that."

"Crude oil and refined gasoline are two different commodities with different supply and demand fundamentals," Parent said. "Their prices can be moving in opposite directions at the same time for different reasons."

"It all depends on how long that lasts and how effectively suppliers are able to bring in alternate supply into that region," Parent said. "Generally speaking, I wouldn't expect it to get much higher."

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

Petroleum analyst Jason Parent, a senior associate at the Kent Group, said supplies have tightened and prices are up partly in response to the unexpected shutdown of gasoline refining units at a Suncor refinery near Edmonton.


Michael Kors Bags In Usa

more gasoline in response to jumps in demand.

Gas prices in Metro Vancouver are flirting with record levels but at least one industry observer doesn't expect they'll shoot too much higher.

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

Trans Mountain pipeline, which supplies much of Metro's refined gasoline, is at capacity.

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

Michael Kors Bags In Usa

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