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Sharkey said the heavy accumulation of biological fluids and chemicals will become a serious environmental problem.

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Embalming became the cornerstone of death care during the Civil War when the Union Army was trying to transport slain solders back to their families, Sehee said.

Stinson and his business partner Pamela Taylor are both grief counselors and own Colma Cremation and Funeral Services.

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"We must start looking at cemeteries from a standpoint of resources and environmental concern," he said. "The problem is, Michael Kors Wallet Jet Set Travel no one has spent money to do the kind of research that proves there is a concern."

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Sehee lauds Stinson for focusing on green burial, and getting families comfortable with refrigeration or dry ice.

There are 50 funeral homes that offer a green funeral package in the Green Burial Council's network.

Likewise, American Cemetery Magazine reported recently that 43 percent of Americans over 50 are interested in green burial.

Roger Appleby, general manager of Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, has looked into sectioning off a portion of land for green burial.

Now, there's green burial.

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Council. "People want the ending of life ritual to get in sync with the natural cycle. It provides a great deal of solace."

"Some people in the industry propped up this idea that embalming was necessary to stop airborne pathogens, but there was no evidence to back that up," Sehee said.

Larry Sharkey of San Ramon has worked for more than 25 years in the cemetery industry. During those years, he's worked as a burial supervisor in Colma.

is not required by law.

To make it easier for people to get what they want, the Green Burial Council works with funeral directors.

´╗┐friendly cemetery owners offer green death care

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"They don't know what to do otherwise," he said.

According to a 2007 poll by the American Association for Retired Persons, 21 percent of people over 50 are interested in eco friendly funeral services.

He said families are relieved to hear that embalming Michael Kors Hamilton Handbag

perform embalming, which halts the decomposition process with formaldehyde.

The 9 year old business is one of few funeral homes in the country that opts not to use metal caskets and does not Michael Kors Purses Gold

Not only is it invasive, said Stinson, but the chemical will eventually seep into the ground once the body starts to decompose.

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Michael Kors Wallet Jet Set Travel

In the 1960s, cremation became another option for families.

"That is how most humans have cared for (their) dead for thousands of years," said Joe Sehee, executive director of the Green Burial Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano Medium Satchel

Using arsenic to embalm a body became a solution. Inevitably, embalming fluid became standard at mortuary schools, he added.

Another issue that hasn't been explored is to what extent are the chemicals and heavy metals from the coffins leeching into the ground water.

"There's a peacefulness to it," Stinson said Friday. "The idea is (loved ones) have spent a lifetime, let them rest."

Sehee said many of them are uncomfortable with leaving out the embalming process.

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