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Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Black

Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Black

Howard Tinker a former social worker from Leeds is a big hit Down Under, where he's showing the Aussies how restaurants should be run. It's all a far cry from his days counselling troubled teens and helping to keep Leeds tearaways out of jail.

But he knew he had to find a niche.

And despite failing at school, where his dyslexia saw him labelled stupid, he has made a success of his Tote Michael Kors

"It all comes down to taking care of people everyone wants to be treated like a king or queen on their birthday. And if they come in with their mates then we get their details for the database too."

Howard's firm creates a database of diners' details complete with birth and anniversary dates. Some restaurants have information on up to 15,000 clients.

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With Howard's services in demand Down Under he is branching out back home. He held a seminar for restaurant owners during a visit back to Yorkshire last month.

"I looked at what I knew and I'd worked in restaurants when I was backpacking through Australia," recalls the 47 year old.

And it's clearly working. His clients have reported profit hikes of more than 30 per cent while his company Restaurant Profits now employs eight staff and has an annual turnover of around 500,000.

But after marrying wife Beverley the lure of a life in Oz was still strong. The couple ended up emigrating and have now been there for 15 years, living in the small coastal town of Forresters Beach, a 70 mile drive from Sydney.

And as business continues to boom he's finding his new line of work has a lot of parallels with his past life in Leeds.

"The miners' strike was at its height and it was all very depressing. Things looked bleak for me. My memories of that time are all in black and white, there's no colour."

"If someone's had a miserable day or they're going through a tough time all that can be put on hold for Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Black an hour or two.

Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Black

Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Black

"Each month Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Flat Wallet

"And if you do that then they'll want to come back with their friends, because it's unique to be taken care of rather than just being a number sitting at a table."

Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Black

Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Black

Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet Black

out there.

"I come at it from quite an oblique angle compared to people in marketing and advertising. I don't look at the swanky celebrity chef, it's more about looking after the customer and making them feel wonderful.

"I went and worked on the buses in Leeds but then they were privatised and the writing was on the wall that I was going to get fired again.

When Howard's six months ran out he came back to Leeds and carved out a new career.

"I can still remember flying into Sydney. It was like a Hollywood movie. Everything was in technicolour, there were palm trees and jobs to walk into.

Disillusioned with life in Britain, the 21 year old went out and bought a one way ticket to Australia.

Keen to do something that would make a difference, he became a social worker working in children's homes, with young people who were suicidal and for an organisation that helped keep kids out of prison.

And despite admitting he knows little about food, he soon found he had a knack for it.

Howard, who was born in Armley and grew up in Wortley, first went to Australia in the mid 1980s.

´╗┐From Leeds social worker to international restaurant guru

"I was drawn back to it because it's a people industry. I don't just see a restaurant as a place to go to fill your belly, it's an environment where you can change lives."

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we pull out details of everyone with a birthday and send them a card from the restaurant. Quite a few of those people will then come in and dine. This makes hundreds of thousands of dollars for restaurant owners.

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life Mk Bags Leather

Once Down Under, Howard set up companies selling products that helped people with everything from life coaching and accelerated learning to setting up home businesses.

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"It was as if I'd gone through this doorway from one life to another. I only had a six month visa but I knew I wanted to stay."

"We were in the middle of Thatcher's Britain at the time," he says. "I'd left school to become an engineer and at the end of my apprenticeship they closed the factory down.

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