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Single women, apparently Michael Kors Backpack Gold more objectionable than single men, whose partner or husband may have died or left, whose children have grown and left home but who have presumably Michael Kors Bags Images And Prices

This is a family house and my family have flown the nest. My preferred area is Kirkstall/Burley, as I need to be near my father who has dementia and depends on me every day as I am his main carer. It would benefit us both for me to be nearer to him especially in an emergency but as well as that I would be giving a needy family a nice home to live in.

My mother was widowed at the age of just 45, I was 21 but my sister was only nine. We had been on the housing list for 20 years, since just after the war, when my mother was finally offered an upstairs maisonette in Kirkstall.

I hope the council will treat this suggestion with the contempt it deserves. I would add that I am widowed and live alone in a two bedroom former council house which I was lucky enough to buy before the death of my husband and yes I get occasional visits from my children and grandchildren.

He/she assumes that the sitting tenant has refused taking up the option of purchasing their home under the right to buy legislation which would have in itself denied these allegedly desperate and homeless families; presumes the sitting tenant's rent is being paid by a third party in this particular complainant's opinion by social services and then demands their eviction, basing the reasoning and justification upon the aged tenant being likened to non paying mortgagees, again having no regard for any possible difficulties or personal circumstances of either the tenant or home owner.

I have put many bids in for flats and also am on the exchange list as well, to no avail, so where are all these desperate families?

l I write in reply to the letter 'Evict these house hoggers'. This is a nasty, spiteful letter and I am not surprised that the person who wrote it did not want to put their name to it.

I agree that if they live in properties too large for their present requirements they should be offered smaller accommodation and encouraged to move but I have a feeling this person has more in mind marooning them in sub standard tower blocks where they can safely be marginalised and ignored.

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Sue Lynch, by email

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We had meetings in Kirkstall and the area where I live. No offer. We were always courteous.

My mother, a vulnerable 79 year old, wasn't offered anything and was the only one left in her block, with empty blocks all around.

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l I was saddened to read the very insensitive and uninformed letter requesting the eviction of elderly tenants who may have refused alternative accommodation of a one bedroom flat from their longstanding family home.

If a young woman lived in a council house and was widowed/divorced and without children at home, would you evict her too?

I am no house hogger, I would willingly give up my lovely three bedroom house for a nice one bed flat. Come on you desperate people out there, contact the housing department to ask them why I am hogging my house when you can be living in it.

In all the time she lived there she always paid full rent, despite being on a low income, and she worked to the age of 65 ('public assistance' certainly didn't match today's 'benefits'). Her home was beautifully maintained.

In the end, my husband and I used some of our savings and bought into a housing association flat for her (we only discovered the housing association part buy schemes at that time).

been excellent tenants should be punished, even to the point of being evicted because of their personal circumstances outrageous! Presumably these people should not be Michael Kors Handbag

allowed overnight visits from their friends or family as a punishment for their inexcusable behaviour in living alone?

l I live in a nice three bedroom house in Leeds 10 area and would love to move into a smaller property. I have been on the waiting list over a year now and have heard nothing.

Please don't blame the elderly for their situation.

Phil Roche, Garforth

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Eventually, the properties were to be emptied and sold on/passed over for redevelopment and current tenants had to move out. Home after home, block after block, were emptied and boarded Michael Kors Pink Bag With Pom Pom

Anne Longfellow, Scholes

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After one of my calls to Kirkstall she was lent the keys to a (possibly 9th storey) flat on the ring road in the Horsforth area. She said that "she'd rather go back to down town Beirut and put her head in the gas oven than live there".

´╗┐Fury over eviction threat

Kids were setting light to what they could in the evenings, and I went to the police three times about the situation.

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When she'd had major surgery and had great difficulty with the steps, we had a meeting with the housing manager in Kirkstall. He told us that she had absolutely no chance of being moved out of her three bedroom home (which would obviously have suited a family) because the small houses were being reserved for unmarried mothers.


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It most certainly is no fault of a low income widow that others have had their homes repossessed.

It was actually the Leeds City Council system which stopped my mother moving to one of their smaller properties, thus releasing a larger one. She was not a house hogger.

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