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For many Asian culture, the opinion of the child deserves no respect. The child respect the parents. That being said, everone respect the law and their culture regardless where they are from. I think Her parent needs to figure out the balance and priority between the two; wether they will respect Michael Kors Sutton Stripe

No you are only thinking of your innate right while ignoring Emma's. So no you can't marry her unless Emma Watson wants to marry you. Violating another's right is immoral and that's where laws come in. You would be violating her right to choose her partner if you forced her to marry you. Your analysis listing cultural western norms and laws misses what an innate right is. It transcends cultural norms and laws. It is above these. You have that right because you exist, not because a society has a certain culture or a certain set of laws.

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1) in most of those US sates allowing under age marriage, it is With Michael Kors Tote With Chain Handles

"It should be a mutual selection of mating partner"

I am just pointing out how the situation could look like if we are in Lebanon. If this discussion was in a cafe in Lebanon and we are a bunch of old conservative Lebanonese, we would condemn that girl to hell!

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I understand that parents from ethnic background want their child to marry someone from the same ethnic group. You don't have to tell me, my parents alway introduce Chinese girl of the same age to me. In my opinion, the best thing the parent can do is what my parents do. They have their hope up that I may merry a Chinese, but I also have the freedom to met the people I want.

It is an innate human right to propose a marriage. (could be made by one or both of the the involving couple or by others). However, the agreement on marriage must be a personal consent from both of the involving couple.

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Her parents have every right to make that arrangement regardless of which contry they are in. But in Asutralia, the gril has the right to not go to Lebanon for the wedding, so what her parents did just embarrass themselves. Hopefully it wouldn't cause any problem for that girl. I know the honour killing is nasty and hopefully her parents can come to their sense in time to prevent that tragedy. However, in Lebanon, that girl is doing something wrong by rejecting her duty and that could be her punishment, which is also illegal (killing people is illegal in pretty much every country's law). Killing someone you don't know is hard enough, I have no idea how they can kill someone they know.

It should be a mutual selection of mating partner, which due to the monogamy social behaviour of the western society and by law, evolve to become a wife and husband or partner (of same or different gender) relationship recognised by the law for their union right (some times proved by a piece of certificate).

It is an innate human right to choose who you marry. You are not granted that right by a government, you are born with it. In fact, they really have no business regulating it at all. They claim that they want to prevent tax fraud, but their taxation systems are rife with loopholes and fraud already. It is clearly governmental overreach when you must apply to the government in order to simply marry the person you choose.

I just think you should refined your selection of words or defined carefully the meaning of "It is an innate human right to choose who you marry."

It sounds like you can pick a person on the street you want to merry and they have to merry you, pretty much like Kim Jong Il.

For example, if I am going to marry to a Chinese girl and their family is absolutely strict on the ceremony procedure, then I have to do this.

I put in "by others" because some culture made wedding proposal via their parent although the two people in a relationship know each other very well and wants to have a wedding.

LOL! Then I should be merried to Emma Watson in the future.

Lebanses, it would be a celebration of the union of two family, a happy day (at least for the people enjoying the festivity, but may be not he for the bride and/or groom).

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´╗┐Freedom of marriage

It is difficult becasue of the geographic location they are in. As far as I can understand, they are democracy but just not working very well. IMO, we should help them, not by using military means, to liberate the people in Lebanon politically to become a democracy, should the majority of the people in Lebanon wants it. However, the social liberation is a sensitive issue. We do not fully understand their culture and therefore, it is for the Lebanese people to figure out which social norm and aspect of culture is deem offensive in modern standard and should be discourage and demolished. Pretty much like the in China foot binding, arranged merriage and oppression of female rights is no longer praticed. Unrelated to this article, but I strongly support an orderly political change in mainland China where they can at least make some prograss politacally.

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If we have a western mindset, it is a terrible thing, but if we are Michael Kors Backpack Rhea

the Australian law more or the traditional Lebanese culture/social norm more.

Parental consent . . of course we are talking cultures that also make it illegal for women to learn to read .

To be fair, everyone has the right to preserve their culture. Her parents have every right to make that arrangement. But our law does not allows it. In Australia, it would be violation of human right and it is a big no. So that gives the power for the girl to reject it, which is a good thing. But as soon as they persuade her to Lebanon, there is absalutely nothing we can do to protect her and it would be normal for her to get merried, which is both the social norm and accepted by law.

In Australia, we want the wedding to stop and we are Mk Bags Backpack right. But if we stop her wedding in Lebanon, we are wrong.

Her right to reject the wedding is because she is in a western society. If she is in Lebanon, she will be forced to do it.

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If the girl was already in Lebanon that culture and that set of laws would purport to deny her the right to refuse her parents' marriage wishes. This would violate her human rights regardless of what Western laws or Eastern laws say.

I am not saying you can force a marriage or just thinking of my innate right while ignoring other. I wrote:

Get a ring and propose like normal. Tell our parent. Our parents will meet in a fancy restaurant and arrange a proposal ceramony where the couple will not be involved. My parents, the groom side of the family will hire an announcer to send wedding proposal letters and proposal gift.

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