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She said the fact there weren't more debates hurt the campaign.

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I put my fear behind me and jumped into the fire because it was well worth it."

"It was the most humbling experience of my life," he said.

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As it turns out, she will remain the only Prince Edward Islander in the Stephen Harper Conservative caucus.

"Even if we were not successful we proved the naysayers wrong," Gallant said.

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´╗┐Gail Shea easily retains Michael Kors Hamilton Bag Uk

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After watching momentum swing into the favour of the Conservatives, excitement came to the group as Robichaud reached 1,000 votes.

She would not speculate on whether she would be returned to cabinet, leaving that in the hands of the Prime Minister.

With 10,467 votes cast in her name, the federal fisheries minister in Stephen Harper's minority government claimed 54.6 per cent of the ballots counted.

Shea said she didn't go into election day over confident, pointing out a day can be a lifetime in politics, but said she was pleased with the reception she got on the doorsteps.

"We had a great campaign. I think we had them worried throughout these last few weeks and that's what counts. We brought Liberals together from all across Prince County, all across Egmont. I think we turned a page in Egmont. We have to look into the future.

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After it was confirmed Shea had once again clinched the Egmont riding, the smiles came back as Robichaud cracked the 2,000 mark.

She concluded her acceptance speech with a promise: "For those who didn't vote for me, who can feel confident that I will represent you just as much as I will represent everybody else."

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After leaving the campaign office, the house of campaign manager Carol Thompson, NDP Egmont candidate Jacquie Robichaud travelled to treasurer Karen Hill's house to watch the election coverage.

Egmont riding

"I think we would have done much better had we been able to have a debate at a proper time. People would have seen things for what it really was, get more information Michael Kors Pink Purse out."

Voters chose the status quo, he said and "we will respect that and we'll be back fighting stronger in four years."

"This election also sent a clear message to Stephen Harper even out here. When we see the NDP surge it shows that people are just dissatisfied with Stephen Harper and Michael Kors Xl Clutch

She finished the night with 2,369 votes.

Gail Shea, who rose to the federal stage by a mere 55 votes 2 1/2 years ago, multiplied that victory by more than 80 times Monday night. She retained Egmont for the Conservatives by 4,469 votes over Liberal newcomer Guy Gallant.

Despite the numbers, spirits were high at Liberal headquarters.

"Going door to door meeting people it was a wonderful experience. I'm still young, a lot of years ahead of me and it's certainly something if given the chance I'd love to do again."

they don't want to vote for him.

Robichaud said the experience was great and complimented both her campaign manager Thompson and her late husband Gary Robichaud along with volunteers for the success she had.

"I'm really, really humbled by that. and the rest of Canada."

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With 2,000 being her goal, the group watched the TV waiting for a glimpse of the Egmont riding numbers.

Gallant said he would consider reoffering in the future.

"I'm so happy that Michael Kors Medium Selma

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"At the end of the day the people speaks, and they have the final say," she said.

She told supporters she's hoping her term runs longer this time.

The applause broke out before Guy Gallant came through the front door. He had just lost his first bid at a political office, but the candidate and his supporters were upbeat and looked to the future.

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Gallant did not take on an easy opponent in his inaugural run at a federal seat.

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