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Today Isaiah can feel from his chest up and he can feel up to his knuckles on his arms. He can't feel below his chest, but Rick says if Isaiah concentrates "really, really, really hard" he can wiggle his big toe and "that's a huge sign of hope." Isaiah also gets little sensations in his lower body.

The doctors at VBMC told the Garzas later that night Isaiah would be paralyzed from the neck down and suggested to start looking for the appropriate medical care. They said there was a 90 percent chance Isaiah would never walk again.

Garza said he remembers taking the Expressway off ramp at Vermont Avenue. His next recollection was finding himself at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen. that day, telling him his son was in a car accident. "The first thing he told me is, 'I don't feel my back. I don't feel my lower back.' I'm just thinking to myself that it was just shock, you know, that it couldn't happen to Isaiah."

Garza celebrated his 18th birthday Wednesday. It has been a Michael Kors Crossbody Ballet

Garza does not remember much from the car accident that happened in Mercedes the afternoon of Aug. 6, just hours after the team wrapped up its second practice of the day.

"I have a lot on my mind," said Mercedes' senior three year starting quarterback, who at times choked up as he watched his teammates warm up before the game.

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TIRR said they didn't know if he would be paralyzed. It depends on his progress and seeing what happens.

anxious when he's in a car. He does, however, always stare a bit longer at the Vermont exit when he passes by.

The emotionally charged return left him wrapped up in the fans, family and friends there to honor him prior to Friday night's game against rivals Edcouch Elsa.

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"That's what I'm going to keep doing."

"But I'm excited to be back on this field."

Isaiah has become addicted to Twitter, using a stylus to type and a headset to talk on the phone. Mercedes head football coach Michael Uribe, whom the Garzas say is a good friend more than just a coach helps keep Isaiah's spirits up.

But she has a positive attitude. And her smile is contagious.

She visits Isaiah daily and visited him two or three times in Houston. They remain close and Rick says "Isaiah and Lisa together help the healing process."

It was Garza's first public appearance since an August auto wreck left him paralyzed and seriously injured his longtime girlfriend, Lisa Ramirez, who was by his side Friday night.

"I like seeing all my friends and family instead of having just a few come visit," Garza said Tuesday afternoon. "Everyone's visiting me and everyone's still supporting me. I liked the rehab, but I also like just being home."

Isaiah looks forward to driving again and said he doesn't get nervous or Michael Kors Uk Outlet

On Nov. 7, the Garzas are set to return to Houston to see if Isaiah's neck brace can be removed. Doctors told the family he can return home but must return to Houston in early December for phase two of rehab, which is expected to be the most challenging therapy.

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"The main reason I keep pushing myself is because I really want to walk again. My goal is to walk and play sports again," said Isaiah, who goes to therapy twice a week in the Valley, for two hours each session, and also does exercises at home that he learned in Houston.

"At first I was mad because I lost my senior year and I saw myself just relaxing, playing football and getting scholarships. I had my whole life planned on just football. So the first couple of weeks I had a lot of talking with my dad, and he told me I'd be able to do everything I used to do if I just worked hard.

Garza, wearing a neck brace, his orange on black Tigers No. 5 jersey and black athletic shorts, served as honorary team captain for the Tigers.

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little more than two weeks since he's been home following a seven week stay at the TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Center in Houston.

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Michael Kors Handbags Tote Brown

"We basically talk Michael Kors Handbags Tote Brown about it every day," Isaiah said. "We don't remember much, but we do a lot of asking, 'Why? Why did this happen?' But we know everything happens for a reason."

´╗┐Garza returns to Tiger Stadium as hero

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The Tiger faithful met Garza with a deafening roar as the final teammate to enter the field before the kickoff. He rolled onto the field in a wheelchair pushed by relatives and Joshua Garza, a teammate and good friend.

Ramirez, who touched Isaiah's hand and smiled as she talked closely with him on Friday, is shy and seems to have recovered well from the accident, although she has some memory loss and walks with a slight limp after injuring her left foot in the accident.

His spinal cord remains swollen and it could take three to 18 months for the swelling to go down. Rick said he hopes that as that happens, his son gains more movement in his lower extremities.

Garza watched the game from a corner of the field along the 5 yard line with his father Rick, other relatives, and Ramirez. All night long, they shared smiles and laughs, discussing the game and waving to friends and admirers.

Last weekend, the Garzas met a family from Rio Grande City whose son also injured his neck in a car accident on March 26. Now he's already walking a hopeful sign that immeasurably lifted the Garzas' spirits.

But the next day, Isaiah began moving his right arm a bit. When he was transferred to Houston about a week later, the doctors at Michael Kors Tote Grey

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Earlier this past week, Garza and Ramirez his girlfriend of almost five years who was in the passenger's seat as they headed to Lisa's house when tragedy struck sat in the Garzas' living room, watching "Ridiculousness" on MTV2.

It was just one day before Isaiah's birthday and two before he started homeschooling. He is two credits shy of graduating and wants to attend the University of Texas San Antonio to become a physical therapist.

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