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Michael Kors Bags Original

Michael Kors Bags Original

Michael Kors Bags Original

The weakness of the dollar against other currencies, mainly the euro, has added to the surge in prices.

OPEC, the oil producers' body, warned it could reach $200 (100) a barrel in the coming months.

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Shell sparked calls for a windfall tax after announcing annual profits of 14billion Mk Bags

Michael Kors Bags Original

Oil prices have leapt 25 per cent since January to almost $120 (60) a barrel.

But the surge has delivered a windfall for BP and Shell.

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The Government are Michael Kors Crossbody Fulton Small

oil companies and the Government are laughing all the way to the bank."

the other big winners, with 70p from every 1 at the pump going to the Treasury in taxes.

Investment bank Lehman Brothers reckon oil prices are 30 per cent above what they should be as speculators buy up crude stocks to make a killing.

But independent charity the RAC Foundation said yesterday that anger over rising petrol costs needed to be directed towards the Government, adding that a flexible fuel duty would compensate for varying crude prices.

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He called on the oil companies to re invest more of the windfall in drilling and refining, in order to increase the supply of oil and create downward pressure on petrol prices.

AA president Edmund King said: "It's the ordinary motorist who is bearing the brunt of this while the Mk Bags America

in January.

Michael Kors Bags Original

Roger King, chief executive of the Road Haulage Association who backed yesterday's action, said: "If prices continue to rise, hundreds of hauliers are going to go out of business."

It came Michael Kors Bags Original as fuel prices reached another all time high for the 16th day on the trot.

The nationwide average for unleaded was almost 1.10 a litre 5 a gallon with diesel now 1.20 a litre. Petrol reached 85p a litre at the time of the fuel protests which brought Britain to a standstill in 2000.

Shell's profits increased 12 per cent to 3.92billion, while BP's jumped 48 per cent to 3.32billion.

´╗┐Fury as oil giants reveal record profits

Drivers are being fleeced by money market gamblers who have cashed in on the cost of oil.

Michael Kors Bags Original

Michael Kors Bags Original

Michael Kors Bags Original

Bosses insisted the bulk of the money came from exploration and production, rather than forecourt sales.

Michael Kors Bags Original

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