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Early blight, sometimes referred to as Alternaria leaf spot, is fairly common worldwide and has been seen here in Grand County. Warm, wet weather favors the spread of this disease. Early blight is usually first noticed after plants have set fruit. It appears on the lower, older leaves as a few brown or black spots, approximately one quarter to one half inch in diameter, and can be circular or irregular.

Early blight

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Michael Kors Selma Large Luggage

´╗┐Gardening Living in Grand Style Problems seen with tomato plants hope they aren't yours

You can help avoid spreading the disease by limiting any touching of the foliage of infected plants and by cleaning your hands before touching the foliage of an uninfected plant. Remove plant debris in the fall by tilling it into the soil or otherwise disposing of it. Finally, when possible, rotate crops, although this is usually not very effective in a small garden.

We're glad to give readers a forum to express their points of view on issues important to this community. That forum is the "Letters to the Editor." Letters to the editor may be submitted directly to The Times Independent through this

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Controlling early blight starts with cultural issues, such as how you manage the plant, soil and water. Begin by planting disease free transplants and place them so the mature plants aren't crowded and there is air circulation so the foliage can dry rapidly. Also, water the tomatoes from the base of the plant so the leaves can dry quickly.

the available soil moisture around the plant. So, if you are having this problem it's because you aren't keeping an even soil moisture level around your plants. Also, be careful of any pruning back of the foliage. In Michael Kors Bags Summer 2018

Tomato fruit cracking

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Michael Kors Selma Large Luggage

Michael Kors Selma Large Luggage

Letters may not exceed 400 words in length, must be regarding issues of general interest to the community, and may not include personal attacks, offensive language, ethnic or racial slurs, or attacks on personal or religious beliefs. Letters should focus on a single issue. Letters that proselytize or focus on theological debates will not be published. During political campaigns, Michael Kors Orange Tote Bag

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The tissue surrounding these spots often turns yellow and eventually the leaves can develop a chlorotic appearance. As the spots get bigger, they often develop dark concentric rings, resulting in a "bulls eye" or target like appearance. As the disease progresses, the spots usually merge, forming irregular blotches. Leaves will turn yellow and dry up, often resulting in the loss of the lower leaves of the plant. This disease can also attack the tomatoes themselves at the stem Michael Kors Selma Large Luggage end.

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Fruit cracking is seen as either cracks radiating out from the stem area of the tomato fruit or cracking of the skin in a circle running around the shoulder or top of the fruit. Fruit cracking is associated with fluctuations in Michael Kors Tote Vanilla

some cases, the solution to.">

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The Times Independent will not publish letters supporting or opposing any local candidate. Thank you letters are generally not accepted for publication unless the letter has a public purpose. Thank you letters dealing with private matters that compliment or complain about a business or individual will not be published. Nor will letters listing the names of individuals and/or businesses that supported a cause or event. Thank you letters about good Samaritan acts will be considered at the discretion of the newspaper.

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Tomatoes of all varieties are among the most popular plants in most gardens, but these tasty summer treats are also susceptible to a variety of problems and diseases. In some cases, the solution to the problem is as simple as adjusting watering habits or protecting the plant's fruit from extreme sun. In other cases, the problems may be somewhat more difficult to solve. Here, we will look at a few of the most common tomato problems that occur in this region.

If you feel you have to spray, you can use a fungicide every seven to 14 days, but it's always better to work on your cultural controls first. Fungicides for this problem would include fixed copper (NuCop, Bordeaux, Cuprofix or Kocide), maneb, chlorothalonil or trifloxystrobin.

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