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Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

The white it doesn't seem to show them as much? Maybe you can tell me. The phone being white would pry be easier to find if lost. (Unless ya dropped it in the show) lol which ive done before. On the other hand most of my women friends all use a white cell phones. The buttons lit with white may be harder to see as well.

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

I am about to pre order the Samsung Galaxy S4. My contract ended a few days ago and its time to upgrade from my Moto Atrix 4g. Just my luck the GS4 is coming really soon! So its a pretty simple question. which would you prefer? A black or white cell phone? Im torn between.

Can never go wrong with black. Ive always owned black cell phones. To me it seems to make the screen "Pop" a little more with the black bezel. But it does show nicks and scratches and finger prints quite well.

Well. I'd have to say Black. Here's why.

I own the Galaxy S3 in White. It is a pain to keep clean and gets dirty. This part I don't really mind and if it was the only down fall I would still choose white.

Just my .02 cents . I'm gonna get the black s4 when it's out.

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

I just realized a benefit to white also. In direct sunlight black attracts heat more than white and reflects (Mirrors are just glass with black painted on Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt back) so the handset would get hotter i would guess. Not much. Michael Kors Handbag Green

Thanks for your response! Good information. so cracks and i assume scratches pry show just as well with white. The fact that it shows dirt a little better doesn't really bother me that much. Infact it would pry get me to clean my phone more often or at least keep it out of areas that will make it dirty. My atrix got pretty dirty tho i had a case on it most its life. but because i used to do landscaping. I bet you dont see fingerprints as well tho. Although i guess that shouldn't matter to me much either. my atrix is so fingerprinted up it looks natural cant see any of em because there are so many. lol

Im thinking white just because I never have but i donno. which do you or have you prefer and why?

´╗┐Galaxy S4 black or white

has to offer. I havn't even been able to scratch verson 1 on my atrix. Coins. Keys. Stones. I normally try to keep those out of my pocket that has my cell phone in it but i make mistakes and ive found my cell with em all. Yet glass is perfect. NO Scratches (Gorilla rocks!!) if first one was awsome. i wonder what 3 can do. But back to the plastic case. I can see white getting dirty easier. Grease/dirt etc etc but those are cleanable. scratches, nicks. etc cant be cleaned and i would guess are more noticeable on a black service.

And would shine like a mirror. (Not good if your looking straight at it) Starting to nod toward the white now anyone else have an opinion on this subject? Id love to hear it

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

i guess. Take black plastic and scratch / crack it. what color is the crack. From my exp its mostly clear/white ish. It would seem with white you wouldn't notice it. Lol I must sound like a cell phone abuser. really concerned about all this. My atrix i had 2 years and it has 2 scratches. Screen is Crystal clear (Gotta hand it to gorilla glass) cant wait to see what verson 3 Mk Bags Discount

Exactly. Its not that they dont show up. its just a matter of which color shows it more Mk Bags For Ladies

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

The back to the phone is a flimsy plastic cover and with time it causes stress fractures that look very similar to a spider ed windshield on a car. If the phone was black I don't think that I would notice these as much. As far as how it happened? normal wear and tear. Not gonna lie I have dropped it as all people do with phones but I didn't think that it would cause this. (kinda contradicting your theory of it not showing as much ahahaha sorry )

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

Michael Kors Fanny Pack Belt

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