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Three students are on the trail of a mysterious hunter called Hans (Otto Jespersen), believed to be a bear poacher. They follow him, filming everything, which is mostly dull and laboured until he runs out of the woods screaming 'troll!'.

So we're familiar with the overused concept but his film does at least succeed in bringing us original subject matter.

Ever since The Blair Witch Project became such a massive, profitable hit, cinemas have been inundated with 'amateur footage' movies.

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At no point was Michael Kors Bags Baby Pink I in the slightest bit scared and there is very little tension. You're far more likely to laugh than jump, but at least it has a few good lines.

Though ten minutes too long, mired in romcom convention and clearly pinching US landmark moments from movies like Sleepless and Seattle and Yes Man, the script crackles with more electricity than we've come to expect from this genre of late.

As Sean Parker in the Oscar nominated Social Network last autumn, his performance reminded me of a younger Edward Norton, a junior contemporary of Brad Pitt who hasn't really lived up to his own promise.

Melissa George is the biggest star and the one who is clearly going to survive the longest, but the big question is whether she will make it to the end of the film.

looking creature with three heads.

Michael Kors Bags Baby Pink

Michael Kors Bags Baby Pink

Michael Kors Bags Baby Pink

Michael Kors Bags Baby Pink

Neither is ready for anything serious on the romantic front so they agree to start a physical relationship with no emotional baggage to worry about. As if.

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From a boy band star with 'N Sync to a bestselling, Grammy award winning singer in his own right, Timberlake is now following Elvis's path and motoring in the movies, too.

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But the fact that Timberlake proves in Friends With Benefits that he can also do the romcom stuff with ease suggests we ought to take his movie prospects more seriously than we might have done with his first screen outing in the Disney TV movie Model Behaviour (2000).

that lost footage of the mission has been recently discovered.

Taking his shirt off at every opportunity to reveal a well defined six pack won't do him any harm either, or the fact that Friends With Benefits features some top class work from supporting stars of the calibre of Patricia Clarkson, Richard Jenkins and Woody Harrelson.

That's where a ruthless gang is hiding a little Serbian girl, Anna (Holly Boyd), who they've kidnapped for ransom. Five mountaineers stumble across her underground 'coffin' and rescue her but it's not long before the gang, led by Sean Harris, comes after them.

own lives, the end result feels rounded and much more engaging than No Strings Attached, a similarly themed but seriously dull movie earlier this year with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. GY

And there it is, a comical Michael Kors Handbags Outlet

Michael Kors Bags Baby Pink

The friends two women and three men, including Ed Speleers, Kate Magowan and Alec Newman are picked off one by one, meeting grisly deaths as they fall off cliffs or are shot. It's a sign of zero character development that we don't really care.

As will the fact that he's now 30, a mature but still youthful age to be blazing a trail on screen.

Everything is seen through the lens of a shaky camera, hand held by real people (we're told), whose footage is somehow 'found'.

Justin Timberlake was born in Memphis just three years after the original multimedia pioneer Elvis Presley died there.

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Forget vampires and werewolves. The new monsters to track down are trolls.

The fjords look good and it's all fairly watchable, if full of holes. The fact that Hans would allow them to film his ultra secret activity makes no sense at all. RL

They're not the stuff of fairy tales. They really do live in the mountains and forests of Norway, where their existence has been covered up by the government.

Timberlake and Kunis spark off each other at will and were clearly comfortable acting rudely with a very silky sheet which will leave nothing to any mother's indignant imagination.

Since their characters are also aware of other movies with which they can reference their Michael Kors Romy Backpack

There is even more spectacular mountain scenery in this British film, shot in the beautiful wilds of Scotland.

´╗┐Friends With Benefits

We learn quite a bit about the trolls' habits and anatomy and how, bizarrely, they can smell the blood of Christians.

Sunlight is deadly to them, which is why Hans who is saddled with an awful lot of paperwork is armed with an ultraviolet ray. It takes a while to get going and then the running about in the dark gets repetitive.

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It worked fairly well with Paranormal Activity, while some audiences are currently under the illusion that Apollo 18 actually landed on the moon and Michael Kors Handbag 2018

Timberlake plays Dylan, a west coast art director on the verge of a new career in New York if headhunter Jamie (Black Swan star Mila Kunis) can sell him the Big Apple's charms.

The fact that he's not Hollywood's prettiest poster boy will be to Timberlake's future advantage in terms of getting under the skin of proper characters.

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