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Michael Kors Clutch Uk

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

He's a Lord, a Knight, a Doctor and a Commander of Royal Victorian Order. He's been creating wealth and jobs in his home town of Doncaster for 40 years and apart from a highly publicised spat with a motorist two years ago in which he was found not guilty there's never been a whiff of scandal.

The man who started making furniture above his shop in Carcroft, Doncaster 40 years ago and created a 500 million business empire has cashed up for the last time.

"I will stay on for a while to help him settle in and make relationships with the people here but I won't be able to stay after that. My style is very different to any other professional manager.

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

"I have lived in this area, within 15 minutes of here where I work, for all my life. I live in Sprotbrough and it takes me eight minutes to get to work. I have never thought about leaving. I know London is where business and banking is but I like it here."

After months of resistance Lord Kirkham finally sold his business for 500m to venture capitalist group Advent International.

"We did not have a lot materially but there was always a tremendous amount of love, care and affection in our family.

brings to an end the story that's almost too good to be true, a free market fairy tale.

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

"People always want to know what it's like to be successful," he said.

for me to walk away from the business," he said.

St John's Road, Adwick.

But now he's getting out.

"At the end of the day you look around here and success for me has been meeting the right people. A lot of people have worked here for 24, 30, 40 years plus, it's been a true and proper family business, where people Michael Kors Jet Set Top Zip

"I never had an interest in trying to find my real parents," said father of two and grandfather of five Graham who has been married to Pauline for 40 years.

"It's been a bitter sweet thing Mk Bags For Ladies

"We lived next door to St John's Church and my dad was the verger and caretaker there," he said.

The man who was adopted at the age of three weeks by Doncaster miner Tom Kirkham and his wife Elsie, who grew up with no TV, no telephone and an outside toilet and ended owning some of the world's greatest art treasures.

"They provided the environment and set the standards that gave me a fair chance and a decent start in life and allowed me to fulfil any potential I had. I had someone to love and protect me and make sure I grew up OK.

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

And he knows where the values, drive and determination came from.

" We need to be opening more stores and thinking of getting into Europe and if I was 47 I would do that but you get to the stage where you don't want to take any risks.

For all his wealth, influence and ability get things done Graham Kirkham has never sought to find his real parents.

"This has been a job, a religion and Michael Kors Clutch Uk a life for me and I wouldn't have had it any other way," said 65 year old Lord Kirkham at his Redhouse headquarters.

´╗┐Furniture king can now sit back and relax

Of all his achievements it's the people thing that Graham Kirkham is most proud of.

"I have one man who started as a Saturday sales boy and has been an area manager and a trainer and now, 27 years after he started, is a director. When you see how it operates it's not like I am the boss."

With me it's an arm round the shoulder and a friendship thing.

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

"People take a more professional view but this group do know the value of people to the business. They know that the people support the business, It was important to me that the people who work here will be looked after."

"I was very lucky to have a privileged upbringing.

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

"Sixty is not the same as 40 and eventually you get to the point where you can't do the job as well as you did before. The business has been sold to a private equity company and the man in charge now is 47 year old Richard Baker.

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

But the boss he most definitely is.

It Michael Kors Mini Hamilton

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

have been dealt with like family.

After 40 plus years as the driving force behind Britain's most popular furniture manufacturer Graham Kirkham has sold up his DFS empire and will soon be clearing his desk.

Michael Kors Clutch Uk

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