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ultimately a matter of faith, he added.

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While studying and teaching physics at UNT, he was reading books by great Western thinkers. came to the conclusion that the West rose to prominence because of its faith, he said.

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was not atheist or agnostic, Yuan explained. was just ignorant. the influence of his mother, he developed the goal seek for truth, to seek for a higher purpose. But after a study of classical literature, history, philosophy and natural sciences failed to answer his questions, he turned to social sciences and considered a career in politics.

Yuan was in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, when the People Liberation Army cleared protesters from the 100 acre plaza.

1989, when army soldiers and tanks cleared protesters from the large plaza after a night of violent clashes. Unlike many of his friends, Yuan was unharmed, but the American embassy was closed.

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Michael Kors Clutch Pink

Michael Kors Clutch Pink

Late last year, a letter arrived at Denton Bible Church from the Abilene Bible Church, which was seeking a replacement for Dr. Tim Temple, who had been pastor here since 1978.

Later in 1990, he spent 11 days in Parkland Hospital in Dallas after an allergic reaction to fire ant bites caused him to fall and strike his head, resulting in a concussion, skull fracture and internal bleeding. Yuan remembers praying, if you restore my health, the rest of my life belongs to you.

said. best theory is the most simple.

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was the first one to witness to me, Yuan said. had never thought of God or creation. I was ignorant. I wasn Michael Kors Selma Tote

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Such a description squares with the image of a pastor in Abilene.

Abilene newest pastor is a 46 year old man with a master degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He married, the father of four daughters, and is a candidate for a doctoral degree from the seminary.

could not put that book down, he said. had a change of mind, I had a change of heart, but I don have a change of will yet. I was a seeker. I was a good person, but I was proud. I had to be broken. God had to make a new person.

Yuan called himself reformer, never a revolutionary.

´╗┐From China with reverence

wanted to go back, he said. He also was carrier of funds to support the students. they succeed, he thought, hope they will do the right thing for China. But I sensed something wrong is going to happen. visited Tiananmen Square every day, including June 4, Mk Bags Brown

Several members of a Chinese church in Denton befriended Yuan. They loaned him money, which he soon repaid, and with his modest salary from UNT, he made $2 a minute telephone calls to his wife in China and bought a car.

was totally ignorant of America, he said. was alone, and I had only $40. I didn know what to do. had also married a high school classmate, Xiaofeng, a nuclear engineering student, in 1987, but she remained in China when Yuan moved to Denton after only four months of marriage.

was graceful to me, but I always tried to attribute my blessing to something else, he said. became ashamed of myself. God was always good and faithful, but I was not. and Xiaofeng, who earlier attended Asbury United Methodist Church in Denton, were introduced to Denton Bible Church by Warren and Ina Nystrom. Daiqing became a leader of Chinese students at the church and began training with Campus Crusade for Christ and the church Bible Training Center for Pastors.

Yuan was born in Beijing in the People Republic of China, and he grew up during the cultural revolution of 1966 76 launched by Mao Zedong, the chairman of the Communist Party of China.

Kobe also gave Yuan his first Bible. in physics in 1988.

Yuan said this was the first of his three revealing experiences with prayer. prayed to God for my safety, he said, and two days before his scheduled return flight to Texas the American embassy reopened and issued his visa. in January 1990 after her previous futile attempts. had great intelligence, Yuan said of the Chinese government ability to track his activities.

Today he says he more closely resembles a theist, but until Michael Kors Clutch Pink he was 28 years old, he says he was close to agnostic.

a man of faith. I was just curious; I had many interests.

But until a series of three personal experiences with prayer, Yuan says he was a cultural Christian, not a born again Christian. I fell in love with Christianity, but not with Christ. I fell in love with the product. 1989 while attending a regional meeting of the American Physics Society in Austin, he saw these words from John 8:32 engraved on a building at University of Texas: will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. said he immediately went to a nearby used book store and bought a 99 cent New International Version Bible.

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Yuan said he learned that salvation came in a sequence of three steps through mind (rational), heart (emotional) and will (decision). all reasoning, you have to have a presupposition, he Michael Kors Purses Macy's

was opening up and turning to reform, Yuan said. read many books about economics, but reform has to go beyond economics. was introduced to Christianity in 1987 while studying physics at Peking University. He served as interpreter for Dr. Don Kobe, physics professor who was visiting from University of North Texas in Denton, and he accompanied Kobe on a tour of China.

went to a state university, but I was surrounded by Christians, Yuan said. is what Christians should be doing, especially to strangers. I started the process of seeking the truth. I liked the people. They loved me for no reason. said that because of their help, he felt to attend church. I was also curious, he added. became a firm believer that love opens ears for truth. he also admits he was in church. said I had to believe in Jesus to have eternal life, he remembers. asked, is Jesus? and is eternal life? didn really answer my questions, he continued. just loved me. said his two roommates didn attend church, but they frequently asked him about it. I relayed the Christian message to them, he said.

my recovery, I thought about my prayers, he said. wasn personal to me except for those three times. . God uses strange things to humble proud men. says now he finally had a change in will, the third step in his salvation. Diaqing and Xiaofeng were baptized in January 1991.

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